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User Reviews

Stylist: Stacey

Stacey totally butchered my hair. She did a dry haircut, which would have been fine except that her approach was exceptionally carless and haphazard. This is despite the fact that I told her my hair grows really slowly. Her razor technique totally destroyed my hair and left it stringy and frizzy. Also, she did not account for the fact that my curls on top are different from the curls underneath, which is the whole point of a dry cut. I haven’t been able to wear my hair down since the cut and it will probably take me over a year to recover! This goes down in the history books as the worst haircut ever (and I've had a lot of really bad haircuts). I just bought the second edition of the Curly Girl Handbook and have decided that I am going to learn to cut my hair myself.

Reviewed on 06.20.12

Stylist: Anonymous

Attention all 3b/c & 4abc curlies!! Veronica is the BOMB!! Gave me the best cut, color, and style of my life! She's only there Mon & Tues.

Reviewed on 11.13.11

Stylist: Stacey

I have type 3b hair. I have abused it for years with various permanent chemical straightening treatments and dying processes. Stacey totally fixed me. She chopped off all the straight (but asked specifically first if I wanted to keep it long and keep some of the straight or if I just wanted to get all the dead off first) and asked me every step of the way if I was okay with the length. She cut it into a really cute curly bob length and the way she cut it, it's able to be straightened into a cute style as well. I'm very happy with my haircut and I will definitely continue going to her. She's the curly hair goddess. I couldn't be happier. She showed me how to style my hair so I could make it work at home on my own. I will definitely go back. I strongly recommend her to anyone with curly hair in need of a good stylist.

Reviewed on 10.01.11

Stylist: Anonymous

Veronica is the go to stylist for natural 3c & 4abc hair!! Love her!

Reviewed on 09.28.11

Stylist: Stacey

I loved her! I cut my hair (3b) with her about 1 month ago. I was always having trouble to find somebody who could do my hair 9cut and style) without breaking it or pulling it too much. She even styled my hair in a way that I can do it at home! She also has curly hair which means more curly experience. Definitely going back!! The only negative thing was tat she arrived a bit late -it can happen to any of us- but she still took the time to understand what I wanted and what was best for me :D

Reviewed on 08.10.11

Stylist: Clifford

I've been seeing Clifford for a year now, and he is fantastic. He takes lots of time to discuss the plan before he cuts, and he shapes it while dry, which I love. I highly recommend him!

Reviewed on 06.14.11

Stylist: Barbara

I went to see Barbara based on reviews I read here. I have 2a/b hair, with most curls up around my face. I told her I needed something very low-maintenance, as I always air-dry my hair. I had shoulder length hair that I wanted cut into a flattering shape, with layers to give my roots some volume. I don't think Barbara listened at all. She cut my hair wet, and combed it out straight while cutting it. It's now cut into a bob, slightly shorter than shoulder length, and completely wrong for my face shape. She spent 20 minutes twisting my hair. Then blow-drying it. I protested, telling her there was no way I'd be able to do all that at home. She said, "Nope, you won't." After blow drying it, she ran her fingers through it and combed out all the curl. She styled it in a weird, "mom hairstyle" rather than the trendy look I'd requested. I could see that the top layers were still far too long, and the bob was bluntly cut, giving my hair a "bubble" shape. She also used a TON of bumble & bumble products, which completed weighed down my fine hair. Less than 3 hours later, my hair was stringy, greasy and chunky looking because of all the product residue. To top it off, Barbara was double-booked with another client and was distracted the whole time. I need to get my hair fixed, but I won't go back there to do it.

Reviewed on 10.04.08

Stylist: Barbara

I think she did an amazing job. I walked out of there with big, gorgeous hair (but not poofy). During the consultation, she asked me what I liked and wanted from my cut. Everything was personal and she was very meticulous when she did the cut. Styling was amazing because she showed me how to do everything and it came out beautifully.

Reviewed on 04.30.08

Stylist: Jacquie

Ok, here's the deal. Jacquie would probably be the best colorist in the world for blondish straight haired girls, she might even be up there for blondish curlies but brunette curlies- stay away! She went too blonde on me when I asked for Katie Holmes color and now my hair is thinning and so damaged. When she highlights, she practically dyes your whole head. The color started off a little brassy but now is the most gorgeus color of caramel that looks like my hair is a whole new color when straightened (when curly, not bad either) BUT my hair is so frizzy and damaged from the bleaching that is not highlighted in but EVERYWHERE. So if you want to go blonde and aren't a dark haired brunette- try her. But dark haired brunettes go to Devachan in NYC, so far that is the best I have had...

Reviewed on 09.14.06