Katie Blue Salon

21 N. Belmont Avenue
Richmond, VA 23221

User Reviews

Stylist: Meaghan

I'm surprised no one's written a review on Meg yet. This was my first deva cut and it looks so great! I got a lob after having pretty long hair (3b) and she spent the time needed to shape it so that my curls were in tact but without that triangle issue. The cut isn't cheap, but definitely worth it. Will for sure get a cut with her again!

Reviewed on 07.02.16

Stylist: Kate Montgomery

I have gone almost 33 years with curly hair and have never had a cut like the one I got with Kate Montgomery. I have been using the same products she uses, but was using them all wrong. The cut she gave me changed the way my curls look. And she showed me how to style it. I cannot wait to go back for my appointment to color my hair. She takes her time and really listens to what you want. I would recommend her to anyone! So glad I found her!!!

Reviewed on 11.22.13

Stylist: Kate Montgomery

I've been getting my hair cut at a different Richmond salon known for curls (you can probably guess who) but after they started to rush through my cuts I said enough and headed to Katie Blue Salon. The ladies are great, the interior is so fun, the conversation is relaxed, and the music is good. oh, and I almost forgot, I got the best cut of my life so far. Kate listened really carefully to what I wanted, and told me what she saw going on in the references I brought in and how I could get that look. She was relatively quick (at my previous salon, cut alone would take upwards of 1:30) and wasn't afraid to take the chances I was asking for. The girls there are stylish. They could give you anything from an office conservative cut to wild punk do. They treat their work as an art and it shows. I can't sing their praises enough!

Reviewed on 10.07.12

Stylist: Kate Montgomery

Okay, so I was having some major hair troubles soon after the last haircut (the hairstyle in my profile picture took far too much effort to achieve) and lackluster customer service at another salon. I decided to switch my loyalties to Katie Blue Salon, Richmond. Wonderful, welcoming and charming place-awesome women. Katie M. did a spectacular job on my hair. Love, love, love what she did. She does magic with curly hair! Magic was what I needed ;-) Now my smile is back and my spirits are happy!! Standing ovation for Katie Blue!

Reviewed on 02.03.12

Stylist: Kate Montgomery

Today I had my hair cut by Kate Montgomery, and it is the best cut I've ever had in my life! My curls look so good, and I've already gotten compliments on my cut. She took time to talk with me about my hair, what I wanted and even adjusted when half way through I decided I wanted to cut more off. She also had a great personality, and the time flew by as we laughed and talked. I would recommend Kate to everyone, and the salon is the perfect mix of cozy and chic. Can't wait to go back!!!

Reviewed on 06.02.11

Stylist: Kate Montgomery

Grest stylist! She really feeled me in on the steps I need to take to make sure my hair stays healthy as I transition and some products that may be great for me to try. She does a great job clipping my ends and makes sure I am comfortable and pleased. She doesnt pressure me or try to alter my requests. I get what I asked for. Love her!!

Reviewed on 12.30.10

Stylist: Kate Montgomery

I visited to Kate Blue Salon for the very first time on November 10th. I was very nervous because I have had so many bad hair cuts. My hair is a 3c/4a texture and I was truly fed up with my hair to the point I almost relaxed it. I found this salon through devaconcepts.com and I am glad that I did! I like the atmosphere at the Katie Blue Salon....I was very comfortable and everyone was extremely nice. Kate Montgomery took the time to teach me how to take care of my curly hair and she gave me the best curly cut ever! My hair looked so good and my curls were so defined when she was done that I almost cried when I looked in the mirror. I will definitely be returning!

Reviewed on 12.04.10

Stylist: Kate Montgomery

Kate cut my curly hair a few wks ago. It was one of the BEST curly cuts i've ever had. It is SO hard to find a stylist who is good with curly hair! She's an awesome stylist; saw her work on other types - great stylist in general. I came back - drove from Norfolk to Richmond - to have her color my hair yesterday. I wanted a natural look. She did my medium brown hair with highlights and lowl ights - it came out excellent - even my husband, who hardly ever notices - said: "your hair looks GREAT!" so - i'm happy. Kate is excellent and i will return to her - she's worth the drive!

Reviewed on 11.13.10