Salon Revive

1942 9th St NW
Washington, DC 20001

User Reviews

Stylist: Yodit

Yodit was fantastic. I took a picture of what I want my haircut to look like. I knew it was not at the point where it be like the picture. Yodit told me that, but gave me a cut that was great anyway, and said we will work to get there. I love my new cut and she has won a new client!

Reviewed on 07.17.15

Stylist: Yodit

I have been to Salon Revive only twice so far... I only wish I had the funds to go more often. The first trip was for my BC... On the second go-round I sat down with Yodit and told her that I wanted a cut that would be suitable for my natural 3C/4A-ish hair. I had no idea what to do with it and needed help with styling as well. After a wash and DC with the steamer, Yodit took the time to show me how to do finger coils. She actually gave me step by step instructions. I loved how my hair came out and appreciated the time she took to make sure I could re-create the style at home.

Reviewed on 01.19.11

Stylist: Vonetta Dumas

My hair was extremely damaged, dry, and over-processed, and one day I decided I had to do something about it before it got worse. I searched online for a stylist in the area that would be able to help with my hair issues. Each review I found about Vonetta was positive. I even saw some of her before and after pictures of clients on Facebook. I contacted her and made an appointment. I have been going to her faithfully for almost two years now. She convinced me to go natural last year, and it's not a decision I regret. My hair is healthier and growing. I don't see breakage etc. She is also the only stylist that I've ever let color my hair, and I have never been disappointed. She is blatantly honest; there were times when I wanted a lighter color and she let me know my hair was not in good enough shape for it. Her haircuts/trims are always amazing. I love the layering. I don't know what kind of magic touch she has but EVERY time she straightens my hair, it looks like a fresh relaxer (but my hair does revert). I don't think any visit to a hair stylist is complete without some words of advice, and I must say, Vonetta has definitely provided some much needed words, and she probably didn't know how much I needed it at the time. She is an amazingly genuine and kind person. I don't know what I'll do when I move. I will truly miss her.

Reviewed on 12.27.10

Stylist: Ayesha

Ayesha was so great with me! I have type 3c hair and have been going to the same woman since I was 8 years old. Having just moved to the DC area I was looking for someone else who could manage my crazy hair. I have my curls texturized and was going to Ayesha for a touch-up. I didn't know the name of the texturizer my former stylist had used and Ayesha was very very careful to do a strand test to ensure that she wouldn't mix two kinds that were incompatible. I was very impressed with her professionalism and appreciated how she explained each thing she would do before doing so. She also gave me extra oil treatments for my really dry hair without adding an extra cost. I will DEFINITELY go back and see her soon and highly recommend her to other curly girls.

Reviewed on 06.14.10

Stylist: Hewitt

The most disappointing experience I've had in a long while. The stylist might in fact know what she's doing, but I didn't really get a chance to find out. The appointment took hours (due to some initial damage in my hair that needed to be fixed), but after specifically requesting this stylist and making an app, I was shunted off to the shampoo assistant from the beginning while the stylist came and went in between dealing with another client (who had come late for her own app) and socializing with various people. It was (literally) painful when she wasn't taking care of my hair and let the assistant fix it, and when she did deem to cut it; it was half-hearted and quick. So when I asked for a trim of 2-3 inches, she cut it off without measuring it when it was tangled and curly, and ended up chopping off about 8 INCHES. I was utterly horrified at the end. Ladies, as any of you with long hair can attest to the pain of losing it, it's so much worse when it's not actually what you want. Almost two years of effort growing and maintaining it down the drain. She was going to start randomly layering it, and perhaps she would have done a good job, but I thought that was enough damage for one day. I was stuck under a dryer for a while and sent off with advice to come back when I was sure what I wanted. Was charged full price as well. ~Shrugs~ She was polite enough when around, but honestly you would have to pay me to go back there. I'm stuck with hair I don't even want to look at. Unfortunately, losing half of it is not really something you can fix.

Reviewed on 07.05.09

Stylist: Yodit

The first time I went to Yodit, she gave me a fantastic haircut. I was so happy to have finally found someone in DC who could cut my hair. WRONG! I went back to her last month and got the worst haircut ever. It was basically two shelves of hair -- the first shelf was one layer of curls, and the second was the bottom layer of curls. There was no blending at all. I'm so disappointed.

Reviewed on 10.16.07

Stylist: Yodit

I met Yodit at Salon Cielo in DuPont cirlce after reading this website, but now she has her own salon at 9th & U Street NW. She does awesome cuts, color and blow outs...basically, one stop shopping.

Reviewed on 05.26.07

Stylist: Yodit

The first thing she said to me was "Tell me about your hair" She's really big on knowing what you want out of your hair and seeing how it falls. She'll be honest if she thinks you are going to short and isn't scissor happy. She asked me if I was sure about going short since I was cutting of about 3 inches or more and said not to do it if I wasn't comfortable. She doesn't use alot of product that wears your hair dones and again is good about listening to what you want your hair to do. And the salon only uses Aveda products!! Great for your hair and the environment. By the way she's moving to Salon Revive a block and a half from the U Street/Cardozo Metro stop. A must for curly girls in the D.C. area or those willing to travel. The cost is around 50 dollars for a shampoo, cut, and blowdry. Great blowout by the way!

Reviewed on 02.17.07