Bad Hair Day

45 Lake Ave
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19917

User Reviews

Stylist: Alan

He cut my hair wet where it would lay when it was dry...cardinal rule for cutting curly hair it I asked for an asymmetrical cut and while it was asymmetrical the long side is not sculpted to blend together somewhat when it dries its weird and needs to be repaired...curly haircut emergency

Reviewed on 05.31.14

Stylist: Diane

SO.... I went to bad hair day as everyone seemed to be raving about Diane..... Not sure how curly everyone else’s hair is... but I am Hispanic and I have a very tight curl.... anyhow, first of all... I showed up and the salon was very fancy... Diane came over and looked at me almost with disgust and wondered who recommended her.... she proceeded to handed me a paddle brush and told me to start brushing through my hair myself... (???????!!!) SO I did... all the while seriously considering running out of the place, but lets face it, I NEEDED a haircut! When I sat in the chair she told me she cuts curly hair dry.... any GOOD stylist would have told me to bolt out the door as soon as I heard this.... but I was trying to keep an open mind... I have had a stylist shred through my hair with three scissors in his hand... also had another use a razor blade to thin it out... all of which where scary and strange to me at the time... but I adored them as stylists, because my hair was always in tip top shape.... Diane had ok manners, yet lacked the skills necessary to really give a good curly head a nice cut.... she didn't whip out the blow dryer which was a sigh of relief... but sent me out of the salon with nothing but a pomade in my hair to help with frizzies.... it was up in a ponytail before I left the parking lot... the cut was way too short and was not at all what I asked for. Sorry Diane... stick to straight hair!

Reviewed on 07.21.06

Stylist: Chai

Pronounced "Shay" She does an awesome job! Listens and then tells you what you think. If you are new to her, she will not do anything drastic unless you ask her to... she gets to know you before she suggests radical changes. She really is that energetic... it isn't the least bit false. They are an Aveda salon, but also have many other lines. Bad Hair Day is a great salon to go to!

Reviewed on 07.11.06