The Parlour

7327 N Charleston Ave
Portland, OR 97203

User Reviews

Stylist: Shannon Bucknell

A friend recommended Shannon because of her work on long, curly hair. At first I was reluctant to try a new stylist, but I took my friend's recommendation and made an appointment. She managed to improve upon the color I'd been doing. She was able to look at my hair and tell exactly what was going on with it, how curls were falling, why the curls were chunking together, and what was causing the bulk in my hair. She also devised a long term plan to let the really short layers grow in order to help the curls flip properly. She totally encourages clients to ask questions about anything and to fully participate in all decisions. After one appointment, I totally trust her with my hair. She and Elyse are a hoot!

Reviewed on 12.19.10