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Stylist: Cori

I almost never write reviews online. But I just had the worst salon experience of my life. I went to Colour Roxx because of Theresa. Warning: she is NOT at Colour Roxx any more. When I found out that she's no longer there, I decided I'd take a chance on someone else at her former salon since the receptionist didn't tell me where Theresa is working now. The receptionist suggested I work with Cori because she's been trained in the Deva technique. I thought that must mean that Cori was a curl-friendly stylist. I was so wrong. I have 3c curls, so naturally I have met some rude stylists in my time. Cori outdid them all. She was so rude that at several points I was wondering if I should just stand up and leave, or ask Cori if my hair was too much trouble and I should go elsewhere. From the moment I sat down in her chair, she looked very annoyed. She stood behind me looking at my hair with a disgusted expression on her face, as if I were an alien and I was seriously inconveniencing her by being there. As I tried to explain what I wanted in a cut, she gave almost no response except to look at me with that same sour expression, as if the words coming out of my mouth were incomprehensible. To make matters worse, there were two young (straight-haired, Caucasian) assistants within an arm's reach of us. One of the assistants was coloring/foiling the other's hair, presumably as a free/discounted weekend service since she was an employee. They were obviously listening to our conversation, and it made me very uncomfortable. The assistant with foils in her hair was very young and immature; she actually giggled at least once while Cori and I talked about the nature of my hair (which Cori politely referred to as "this frizz") and what kind of outcomes I might have with a relaxer. Since I had driven over an hour for this cut, I decided to stick it out and see how the haircut turned out, despite the fact that the way I was being treated was actually making me blush with embarrassment. I thought it would only add to my embarrassment to walk out with my hair still wet and messed up, and I hoped the cut would at least make it worthwhile. Cori had an assistant wash my hair so she could finish dying the hair of the fellow employee who was presumably getting her hair done for free. Most stylists wash my hair themselves on my first visit, so they can get a better idea of my hair's nature, but not Cori. Cori was obviously just interested in getting me out the door. She didn't even tell her assistant what products to use on my hair, so the assistant used something that dried my hair out, didn't put on any leave-in, and RUBBED MY HAIR with a towel when she was done. She was a nice girl, but Cori should have given her instructions, assuming she knows anything about curly hair herself. After my hair was washed, I sat there waiting for quite a while as Cori continued to foil her coworker's hair. I sat there watching in disbelief and sighed a couple of times, to no avail. My hair was air-drying/frizzing up with no product on it, but Cori didn't even turn to look at me. I was obviously a lower priority than this young lady next to me, even though I had scheduled an appointment and driven over an hour to get there. When Cori finally got around to serving me, the assistant with the foils in her hair was still having her color job finished by someone else. But Cori told her she would take care of the rest of the dye job for her. It was clear that during the entire time Cori was working on me, she was rushing to get done so she could work on this coworker. She took a couple inches off the bottom of my hair (I could have done that myself) and then brushed it out into an Afro with a blow dryer, once it was already almost dry. While she was giving me the giant Afro, the assistant with foils in her hair kept wondering back and forth, and at least twice she made a face at Cori while walking by--she enlarged her eyes in a look of disbelief and put her hand over her mouth as if she were trying to hold back laughter. Right in front of my face. Two or more times. Unacceptable behavior for any adults, let alone people who work in a service industry. I looked up at Cori after her assistant made a face at her, and she didn't say anything, just kept brushing my hair out. When Cori was done creating a giant Afro, she ran a straight iron through my hair so roughly that she repeatedly snapped hairs off. Once she had (sort of) straightened all my hair, she asked what I thought. I couldn't believe she was done. My hair looked ridiculous. And when I asked if she was going to do any more cutting, her answer was, "I already took like 2 inches off." She had asked earlier if I like layers, but none of that got done. I had asked to her frame my face and reduce my volume, but none of that was done. As a last resort, hoping I could get some value out of this visit, I asked if she had the kind of thinning shears that are used on curly hair--the kind with extra wide teeth. She responded, "You want me to thin it?" I said yes. She whipped out regular thinning sheers and started hacking away. (Now I have short hairs interspersed all over my head that don't sit together in curls, thanks to the use of REGULAR thinning sheers.) After Cori brought my bill to the front desk, she went back to finish dying the young assistant's hair, and I heard them laugh. Including tip (yes, I tipped because I have class), I spent $75 for a cut and blow dry that was about as good as what I would have gotten for $17 bucks at the local walk-in place. Cori charged me more than the maximum fee Colour Roxx's website lists for a hair cut. Is there an "ethnic hair" tax I didn't know about? There, I said it. Don't ever patronize Cori's services at Colour Roxx if you happen to NOT be an Anglo-Saxon with thin, stringy hair. If anyone knows where Theresa is, I would love to know!

Reviewed on 02.26.12

Stylist: Theresa

After receiving a HORRIBLE haircut at a different salon in the area, I was skeptical of Colour Roxx. However, after reading all the reviews I made an appointment and asked for Theresa. I have never been more excited about a haircut in my life! She really got to know my hair, my habits, and my preferences. She is trained in Deva Curl, but told me that she has learned from experience that sticking to it too diligently can be problematic. I told her I loved my hair soft and fluffy, so she did not use a lot of product on it. I expressed my fears of it being cut too short and she took that into account. She cut my ends wet and the rest dry and I loved how gentle she was with my hair. She explained the whole process and cut curl by curl. I walked feeling amazing and I have the best hair cut I have EVER had. I would highly recommend this salon, and especially Theresa.

Reviewed on 10.13.10

Stylist: Cori

I went to this salon because they had good reviews. I left with a mullet. I have short layers that are above my ears on top and then the hair at the nape of my neck are 6 inches longer than the rest of my hair. My hair is now shoulder length and I don' t know how to fix this without going completely short. I want to cry it is that bad. This will take at least a year to grow out. And I can't even pull it up because the top layers are too short.

Reviewed on 08.07.10

Stylist: Theresa

I just had my hair colored, cut and styled by Theresa. The entire experience was awesome. She knows what she is doing! I also appreciated her styling tips. I rinsed, conditioned and styled my hair this morning and it came out fantastic. I will be back for sure. The receptionists are so friendly and helpful. I was even given typed up directions to a nearby mall! Thank you Theresa!! Margie Sheaffer

Reviewed on 11.29.07

Stylist: Theresa

FINALLY! What a wonderful experience! Theresa shared her time, her experience, her wealth of knowledge regarding 'curly girls'and Deva products (which I have already been using and enjoying), and applied wonderful color complimenting my curly girl style! I left the salon HAPPY! I am already looking forward to my next visit.

Reviewed on 11.06.07

Stylist: Theresa

This is seriously the BEST hair cut I have ever had in my life!!! There was very friendly and did a fantastic job. I went several inches shorter, and my husband who hates shorter hair, even loved my new cut.

Reviewed on 09.14.07

Stylist: Theresa Quezada

First I was shocked at how thorough my consultation was. No one has ever taken that much time before they started cutting. Theresa had an honest and informative approach with my hair. She used the Devacurl cleansing, cutting and drying methods. She even had curlygirl books while I was under the dryer. I was pleasantly surprised that I found someone this passionate about curly hair in Delaware. I was driving to New York, over two hours, for my cuts at Ouidad.

Reviewed on 08.11.07

Stylist: All

I understand sometimes when leaving a new salon some are less than impressed. I have been that person and nothing is more frustrating or disappointing. All of the staff have been certified by the Devashan Salon, and many at the Redken Exchange in New York City. These classes include cutting, coloring, and styling of curly hair. The salon also houses the only Redken Certified Colorist in Delaware. Rest assured there can be happiness in the future, it's all about getting the right fit between you and your stylist.

Reviewed on 06.01.07

Stylist: Theresa

Theresa has had the training and is full of knowledge for Curly hair....she takes her time and makes sure you are completely aware of the proper way to style your hair...Curly hair needs special attention and Theresa has been able to help me with that... I have learned to use the Deva products properly and how important it is to condition.Theresa has given me a wonderful hair is manageable and absolutely beautiful....I found out when there at Peter Angelo's that the staff went to Devachan Salon in NYC and they were certified.I highly recommend Peter Angelo's Salon & Spa...Thank you Theresa...I love my curls!

Reviewed on 03.12.07

Stylist: Peter

I liked Peter and he told me he was a curly hair expert. I had found his name/salon on one of the curly hair sites so I thought I would try him. We discussed in advance that I only wanted a trim. He said he would keep it below my shoulders and take off one inch. Well...many, many, many inches later, my hair is very short, falling just below my chin. I noticed it was uneven when he was about to send me out the door. I asked him to fix it and he cut a little more but it is still so uneven. I know hair curls better some days - so I've waited a couple of days and the same hair is horribly uneven. I do not plan to go back to have him fix it since I can't risk losing more hair and another bad haircut. I'm so disappointed. I've tried the ouidad and this salon that is supposibly in the process of getting the devachan training. I'm either going back to the regular "straight haircut" or will maybe next just try one of the salons in nyc.

Reviewed on 10.01.06

Stylist: Peter, Marie or Theresa

These three stylists were all educated with DevaCurl - A system developed for girls that want to embrace their curls. Tired of bad hircuts? DEVA CURL has special cutting, coloring and products for the curly haired girl. Peter DiRocco, owner and stylist, has attended the Deva Curl's academy in Soho, NYC. He is certified as a curly hair speialist. They also carry the full line of their products specially designed for curls.

Reviewed on 05.08.06