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Georgetown, TX

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Stylist: Shaina

I have naturally curly hair that is color-treated as I'm over 40 & I need to cover my grey hair. I've been a client of Shaina's for 8 (yes, that's 8!) years. Shaina is simply AMAZING! She makes all of her clients feel welcome & she is a top-notch professional. She also has the most wonderful eye for color--during these past 8 years, she's always found a way to make my hair color look fresh-looking. She does a great job of cutting my hair, too (and curly hair can be very tricky to cut). I lived 45 miles away & travelled to see her every 6 weeks without fail (and it was worth every minute driving just to have such awesome hair). I recently moved almost 200 miles away & I have to admit that I cried at my last appointment with Shaina--she's one of a kind & I would highly recommend her for anyone in the Central Texas area who's looking for a great stylist for curly hair (and she also does a great job with her clients who have straight hair, too). And it's no wonder that she's such a great stylist: her Mom & her brother are also stylists at New Image Salon. If you're looking for a GREAT curly hair an appointment with Shaina! :-)

Reviewed on 03.04.20

Stylist: Marie Sansom

Marie is very good at explaining why to use specific products on your hair. She helps show you the type of hair that you have and what to look for when buying conditioner or styling products. This was my first dry cut....and I was very impressed. I am set to return again for another cut in a few months. This first appointment did take almost 2 hours....she went over everything, cut, washed and styled my hair. I was told that subsequent appointments will be much shorter....30 min.

Reviewed on 03.04.13

Stylist: Marie Sansom

I took my 12 year old daughter to Marie for a haircut based on the reviews on this website. We were not disappointed. She did an excellent job! First, she spent about an hour teaching my daughter about curly hair and how to take care of it properly. She also got our input on what we were wanting for my daughter's hair. Then, she washed, cut and styled it. My daughter's hair looked fantastic! She was so pleased to finally have a good hair cut that would allow her to style it herself without resorting to flat irons or rollers. It was a big boost to her self-confidence! It has been a few months since her cut and her hair has held a good shape, and my daughter has been able to care for it herself. We highly recommend Marie!

Reviewed on 11.21.11

Stylist: Marie Sansom

I have struggled for years to find a stylist that "gets" my hair - erratic curl pattern, odd growth pattern (sort of Bozo-looking). I discovered Marie on your website a few months ago, and I couldn't be more pleased. I've seen her about 4 times, and my hair continues to look better and better. My favorite thing about Marie is that she is not a "one cut/style fits all" stylist. She LISTENS! Thank you, Marie!

Reviewed on 11.14.11

Stylist: Marie Sansom

Marie Sansom is awesome! I absolutely love my hair cut. Having naturally curly hair, I have struggled in the past to find a stylist such as Marie, who knows curly hair. "Curly hair is its own animal," says Marie and I totally agee. She has extentsive knowledge on hair and its care, especially curly hair. And in fact, Just by chance or call it fate, I just happened to be near New Images Salon in Georgetown one payday and had been wanting a change from my long curly hair (which I always pull-up) and without any knowledge that Marie is a specialist with curly hair, I, luckily, landed a last minute walk-in appointment with the greastest curly hair stylist I have ever met, Marie Sansom. Thanks a million Marie, I love my short, curly hair.

Reviewed on 08.18.11

Stylist: Marie Sansom

Marie has given me hope for having cute hair again! It was such a treat to have a stylist who appreciated the special needs of curly hair. I have NEVER had a stylist spend so much time educating me about my hair needs. I felt like Marie knew what I wanted my hair to be and she totally understood my frustrations. She was so knowledgable and it wasn't part of a sales pitch for products, it was truly about wanting to make me feel great about my hair.

Reviewed on 12.27.10