2620 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON

User Reviews

Stylist: Michael

I had such a fantastic time at this salon. My last Toronto salon experience (2009) was not a good one so I was so very pleased with the customer service and styling skill at Civello. On arrival a very attractive woman (seemingly of South Asian heritage - didn't get her name) complimented my curls which just made her even more lovely :-) I was treated professionally, directed to my stylist and overall made to feel quite welcome. Although I was there to get a blow-out the salon is very curl friendly and my gorgeous stylist Michael really appreciated my curls. Now on to his exceptional blow-drying skills. I have had my hair blow-dried many times and often people wrestle with my super-high density 3C curls like they are duking it out on WWF. Michael did none of that! He was gentle, calm and treated my hair with loving kindness. This is the first time in my life that I have not had a stylist blow-drying my hair beat at my skull with the brush or accidentally rip out my hair. He even advised that future stylists blow-drying my hair properly comb through the heat-protector as due to the quantity of hair on my head the product would not otherwise reach all of my hair. Today was my first painless blowout and I am so pleased. As long as I am in Toronto I will never allow anyone but Michael to blow-dry my hair.

Reviewed on 07.25.10

Stylist: Stephanie

Did not have a great experience with her, contrary to the posts here. Had a bad dry cut on the first appointment- she had no time for a full cut-and-style as I was late half an hour (bumper-to-bumper traffic). Paid $50 for the dry cut, Stephanie left the salon as I was paying half-hour before closing time. I can understand she had to leave but as I was not happy with the outcome I called the salon to get it fixed. The second time around I got a decent full cut- in record time, half an hour, but again when I asked to have my curls straightened to see how the do looks straight she told me there is no time for that although I had booked a cut-and-style. And the bill for the second cut was a hefty $90 for 30 minutes of her time, although I was not happy with the initial $50 dry cut. Needless to say, I'm not seeing her anymore. The salon staff was not welcoming either.

Reviewed on 05.08.10

Stylist: Stephanie

Stephanie is amazing with curly hair! She did techniques I've never experienced before, like twisting a curl around her finger and cutting it down the curl to keep the flow while thinning it out. AMAZING! I highly recommend her

Reviewed on 03.21.07

Stylist: gina

she totally understands curly/wavy hair as she has it herself! she has great suggestions and listens to you unlike some out there who say they can cut curly hair! all in all a great salon, with great products, atmosphere and staff, complimentary scalp massage, yummy drinks and a make up touch up at the end ... what more could you want from a haircut! happy curls!

Reviewed on 12.17.06