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526 Selby Avenue
St Paul, MN 55102

User Reviews

Stylist: Faatemah Ampey

I have been natural for over a year and went to two different stylist, before Faatemah, who butchered my hair. One stylist led me to believe she was putting conditioner in my hair but in reality, was applying a texturizer so that she could work with my hair. I had to bc all over again and grow my hair out. One of my friends referred me to Faatemah. I did some research on her and was a bit skeptical. She was a contestant on Bravo TV's 'Sheer Genius'. Although I did not watch the season she was on, I had seen previous episodes and none of the stylist worked with natural African American hair. I was pleasantly surprised when I met Faatemah. Prior to touching my hair, she asked me in depth questions about my hair history, health, hair goals, etc. She carefully examined my hair and we came up with a "hair plan". As she did my hair, we talked and she learned more about me and I learned more about her. (I did not know that Faatemah is an award winning North American editorial hairstylist.) I learned that she takes her career seriously and invests in her craft. She taught me how to care for my hair in between salon visits, recommended vitamins I should take that helps promote hair growth and when I left the salon, I was in love with my hair! Each time I have an appointment with Faatemah I am excited to see what new ways she styles my hair!

Reviewed on 01.04.11