Revolution EGO

Deva Curl
2000 South Blvd
Suite 120
Charlotte, NC 28203

User Reviews

Stylist: Anonymous

I did not write the previous review. How do I have it removed? It was either a mistake or a hack.

Reviewed on 07.21.13

Stylist: Jessica

I love this salon! I really must love it because I drive 160 miles round trip just so Jessica can color my hair. She is the consummate professional. Even if I arrive a few minutes early, she directs me to take her chair. When Jessica colors my hair it is in very good condition when I leave. It does not feel stripped and does not need several shampoos to restore it to its pre-color condition. I like the fact that they are an appointment only salon and my appointment is not shared with anyone else. You know what I am talking about where you are under the dryer and another of your stylist's clients is in the shampoo bowl and yet another in the chair. You will find none of that at Revolution Ego. I also like how I can make my appointments online and receive emails to confirm my appointment and in addition a reminder telephone call the day before my appointment. Revolution Ego also has the service prices listed on the Vagaro website. I love the vibe of this salon and it is obvious all three stylists are very talented.

Reviewed on 07.02.13

Stylist: Jessica

NOT IMPRESSED!! Poor first impression for a new client. Had a 10 AM consult scheduled with Jessica Stanton. They texted me the day prior moving it to 10:15. Fine. I arrive on time and the place is locked, lights are out. I called their number and a woman tells me that Jessica must be running late as she is on the train. Fine. No problem. I understand that people run late sometimes. However, while I am waiting her 10:30 appt shows up. So, we are both waiting. Finally, at 10:30 am, Jessica strolls in casually, digging for her keys in her purse. She doesn't even acknowledge us standing there no "Good Morning" or "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting". She even appeared to be bothered that we were there. No smile and a slight frown on her face. Did not introduce herself to me I had to do the introductions. Once inside, she very flatly asked me about my hair. No enthusiasm at all. I'm aware that this was a free consult but isn't the purpose to establish a new client? I did not feel welcomed as a potential new client. One would think that a business owner would be trying to sell themselves to a new client. As a business owner myself, that is how I treat potential new business. Once the "consult" was over, I politely gave her my thoughts on her being late and offering no apology. She just frowned and rolled her eyes. When I told her that I would not be returning she actually said "Good". WOW!! Way to go Revolution Ego! You just the potential business of a professional woman who actually has disposable income to spend on her hair. If Jessica is not the owner [and I pray that she isn't] I hope that the actual owner reads this and has a little chat with her. This is NOT the way to attract new clients. You may feel that you have got it going on and are doing well with your customer base but any smart business owner should know that the tides can turn and word of mouth can either elevate your business or tank your business especially in this day and age of this thing called the Internet.

Reviewed on 03.15.13

Stylist: Anonymous

Great experience! The staff is professional & the atmosphere is relaxing. Their service is worth my $. They clearly display the prices for their services online before you go :-)

Reviewed on 01.31.12

Stylist: Jessica

*RIPPED OFF*My biggest complaint is that Jessica quoted me a price of $70 4 weeks before my appointment. I was reluctant to pay such a high amount, but I decided that it would be worth it to get the rest of my relaxer cut off and then have my hair styled. However when I went to pay the price went up $20 to $90. I would have never made an appointment if I knew it was going to be that expensive, especially since I did not receive a $90 style. I was ripped off! Jessica did a flat twist out style after she cut my hair. The style looked okay, except on the ends where it looked like she didn't put enough product. The hairstyle only lasted a few days because I had to wash and style it again because it looked so dry. It was very mediocre and was not worth even $70, let alone $90. If you do decide to go to this salon, make sure you double check the price.

Reviewed on 01.14.12