Exquisite U

1445 Fulton Ave
Sacramento, CA 95825

User Reviews

Stylist: Stefanie-owner & stylist

When I showed up to my appt I was greeted by a young male named Josh. He was very professional & polite, he offered me a cup of water and to take my things and store them in the back. Shortly after stefanie came over didn't say hi, how are you...nothin, just sat down and said "could you take all that out"(my hair style) she was very rude,didn't style my hair how I asked,told me to come in for consultation and never told me the price. She showed me a picture of how she would do my hair,it looked nothing like the picture at all. When she was done she took a pic and just walked away, the guy josh said it would be 95 for not even partial highlights,wash, & flat iron. That was freaking bullsh*t, I had shoulder length hair that she chopped into a freakin a-line when I just asked for a trim.I wouldn't recommend this shop to my worst enemy!!! She treats the younger clients with less respect than the older ones.All the other stylist are ghetto,loud, have pirate mouths, and don't acknowledge clients.Stefanie should be way more respectful and professional or she will continue to have just another ghetto hair salon. "NOTHING EQUISITE ABOUT EQUISITE U"

Reviewed on 02.13.12

Stylist: Claire

The salon is very posh-looking, don't let outside appearances fool you! I thought I had left Fulton Avenue and entered a Beverly Hills salon! It is a little small though, but I didn't see that much of the salon. Claire is a specialist at Exquisite U and she works well with natural hair. I loved getting my BC done by Claire, she was very friendly and intelligent. Also, she has awesome hair! lol She cut my hair, washed it, and deep conditioned it. I liked the way the products smelled, but the strong coconut/cocoa butter smell may be too much for some. My only complaint is that the DT she used on my hair (and recommended for me) had mineral oil and sulfates in them and was $16. The other three products (shampoo, condish, hair milk) were $24 all-together and all natural. If you want a cheap place to get your hair done without sacrificing quality and aesthetics, this is the place! I'm 4a/3c for those wondering. :)

Reviewed on 01.08.11