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User Reviews (11)

Stylist: Raquel

Rating: Salon Rating: 2 Scissors

Went to have my 3b hair cut by Raquel. I had gone there once before, back a few years. Then, she cut my hair wet. This time, she cut my hair dry. It was a shorter cut. I explained, very thoroughly, what I wanted my cut to be. She listened and did ask questions. HOWEVER, when it ws all over, my hair was not cut as I had explained or as we had agreed. And, with the dry cutting, there were so many "uneven, dangly" pieces. And, it was not shaped really well. I ended up deciding not to go back to her to have it fixed because I thought that would be a poor idea. But, I did have to go to a much cheaper salon to have it corrected -- which ended up making my hair truly shorter than I had wanted. But, I could not cope with the pieces and poor shape. Also feel that her attitude differed from last time. Maybe too many great reviews have been her demise??!

Stylist: Raquel

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

Raquel is a talented stylist and has the ability to truly listen to the customer. She took her time in examining my difficult hair and after discussing the look I wanted, I was given a precision hair cut. I highly recommend Raquel to others in the Fort Myers area. In addition the full service salon offers top-notch products, and has a friendly atmosphere. My family have also visited with other stylists at The Rock for color and cuts everyone leaves their appointment looking beautiful! Check it out:)

Stylist: Raquel Wolter

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

Raquel understands curly & wavy hair. She knows how to give it the best cut as well as how to color it. She also is a good listener.

REVIEWED BY: mo1445  |  12.30.10

Stylist: Raquel

I moved to Florida about 8 years ago. I've had trouble finding someone who understood how to cut curly hair. I saw the review on here for Raquel and decided to give her a try. She was fantastic. She cut my hair dry. cut each individual curl one at a time. I am so happy with my hair cut. I would recommend Raquel to anyone who has curly hair.

REVIEWED BY: valb  |  11.22.10

Stylist: Raquel

Raquel cut my hair in the spring of 2010 and did a fantastic job. I was overdue for a haircut while visiting Fort Myers and decided to give The Rock a try. Raquel talked to me to make sure she knew what I wanted before she started. She really took her time and cut my hair while it was dry, curl by curl. She did a great job, and the style grew out well and lasted a long time. I would recommend Raquel to anybody with curly hair who may have suffered bad haircuts elsewhere in the past - you will walk out of the salon happy!

REVIEWED BY: demip  |  10.20.10

Stylist: Raquel

I visited The Rock on 2/18/09 and I felt very welcomed. Raquel cut my curly,kinky hair and I love it!! The style is perfect, exactly as I had explained how I wanted my hair to look. The next day, I just sprayed my hair with some leave in conditioner, added a little gel and my hair looked great!! I have received many compliments and have given the directions so many times to The Rock. I feel like mapquest. I will never hesitate to go back and trust Raquel with my curls.

REVIEWED BY: fitz  |  2.19.10

Stylist: Raquel

Raquel is truly a Curly-hair expert. She has studied with some of the big names in the Curly hair industry, and she knows the tricks to give a great haircut. My 3a hair has never looked better!

REVIEWED BY: mo1445  |  11.8.09

Stylist: Raquel

I was always a curl rebel: I fought with my curls, tried to straighten, feather, smooth, etc. But now, since discovering Raquel at The Rock, with a great haircut, excellent styling guidance, and the "right" products, I am in curl nirvana with my hair. Embracing my curl has made my hair so much easier to style, and I feel it's more fashionable that it has ever been. I am always singing the praises of Raquel to friends (and strangers!) who have curl. She is everything you want in a stylist... she listens, she plays with your hair to see what it can (or can't) "do," and she has great instincts about what will work specifically for your lifestyle/personal style. I've never been happier with a stylist! (As if you hadn't already figured THAT out!)

Stylist: Raquel

I would like to thank Raquel at "The Rock" for giving me a great haircut & style. She explained everything that she was going to do to my hair before she cut it and she was very gentle with me. I would recommend her to everyone with naturally curly hair.

Stylist: Raquel

First of all, thanks to all the posts on this site, as I would never have found this stylist without you. I was getting my hair cut by a Ouidad stylist, and then I moved away 1 1/2 years ago. I've been scared to death to let anyone even trim my hair. Finally, I couldn't stand my hair anymore, found this site, and likewise ended up finding Raquel. She has the patience of a saint. I had a hell of a lot of hair to cut after 1 1/2 years, plus I am 49, old, and ornery, hahahaha...(had way too many bad experiences). Anyway, she did what appeared to be a great job, but as all of you know...the real truth comes out after you go home and wash your hair for the first time. So, that's what I did, hahaha. Got home after Raquel cut it, and I washed my hair, looks great. No more worries for me, I finally found someone in Fort Myers who can cut my difficult curly hair. Oh...and did I mention that she has the patience of a saint ? ;P

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  7.28.07

Stylist: Raquel.

Raquel gave me the best haircut I have ever had. I have thick, curly, frizzy, multiracial hair. She layered it in a special technique that makes my hair lose and flowy. She alos gave me a gentle relaxing treatment that has made my curls soft and manageable. She's very professional, and really knows curly hair. I am so exited about having found her through this site. Thanks so much!

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  1.26.06