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User Reviews

Stylist: Hanna

I got Hair Extensions done by Hanna. I paid $1000 for not HairLocs extensions, which is what D&B Salon stats that they only use! I got fake synthetic hair extensions that latest 5 days before setting on fire while they were still in my hair. I now have bald spots all through out my head and my hair is permanently damaged because of Hanna and D&B Salon. Take my advise, do not get Hair Extensions from this Salon. They do not know what they are doing and they do use HairLocs extensions which is real human hair, they use cheap, fake synthetic hair that they will charge you $500 for just the hair!!!! RIP OFF!!

Reviewed on 04.17.18

Stylist: Vincent

Vincent was very knowledgeable about my hair (curly 3b). He immediately identified that it was fine/medium, that I was lacking layering, that the crown of my hair was flat, that he would rework the layering, give me softness on the forehead area to avoid showing too much hairline, and correctly assessed that because of my face type and height, that I still need volume in my overall style. He also styled my hair beautifully and unlike anything I´ve had done before. He only used a mousse and Moroccan oil but the hair came out soft, shiny (even if I´m due for color to hide grey), and healthy looking. The great advantage of this salon is that they offer free shampoo and blowdry because they believe that women should feel good about their hair every day. You can walk in, request any master stylist of your choice (not a hairstylist in training) and get a different styling for free every day if you wish. Great idea for a night out or as a pick-me-upper. I also read in other reviews online that Savann, another stylist at DB, is great with curly hair. Depending on the stylist, prices change, check their website. But since my hair needs cutting every 10-12 weeks, it was well worth the price. It was curl heaven!

Reviewed on 01.14.11