7000 Stockton Avenue
El Cerrito, CA 94530, United States

Stylist: Diane

I happily found Diane here on naturallycurly.com over a year ago when I finally had it with my last hairdresser who was turning my hair orange and chopping it off when I kept insisting that I wanted to let it grow long. Over this past year, Diane has carefully shaped and nurtured my hair to grow the longest it has ever been in my adult life and it is absolutely beautiful!!! She first added low-lights to cover the terrible orange tinge, and over time slowly coaxed the beautiful natural multi-colors in my hair back to life. I am soooo happy with my hair every time I look in the mirror now, and that hasn't been true most of my life! DIANE IS THE BEST! She is a fun, down-to-earth person, and I look forward to my visits with her every 2 months. :-) I also want to mention that for my thick curly hair, the very best products I have found and consistently used (for 5 years now!) are Kiss My Face "Miss Treated" conditioner: this really brings the curl out instead of flattening or adding bulk (or frizz!) like other so-called curly conditioners; and Kiss My Face "Upper Management" styling gel: this really DEFINES the curl like no other gels I've tried, and doesn't smell like perfume! I hope KMF never stops manufacturing these two, I don't like trying new products that never seem to work! Learn about them at www.kissmyface.com and buy them at half the list price from www.luckyvitamin.com!!! (Otherwise found at the now defunct Longs Drugs, and too expensive at Whole Foods "Whole Body" section.) One more secret to manageable curly hair: filter the water that comes out of your shower!!! I use a "Rainshow'r" (read about it at www.rainshowermfg.com and buy it at www.bestfilters.com), replacing the inner cartridge just once a year ($19, it's so worth it!!). When I travel or stay at a boyfriend's house too long, my hair really shows a (bad) difference after just a few days with regular (chlorinated) water, even Diane noticed this!! This is really a winning combination, the best salon and products for my curly mane! -Cinnamon

Reviewed on: 23.12.09

Stylist: Diane

I recently got a cut and color at Reflections. Honestly, Diane did a splendid job. My hair has been dyed and damanged so much and I've only been cutting it myself due to fear after bad cuts from other salons. I came in with my guy friend to Reflections (I'd come in with him a previous time with another friend as a "consultant") and Diane was kinda noticing a bad self-highlight job I'd done on myself. She wasn't rude about it at all. We were talking about hair and what not and she ended up offering me a part-time job (she may have fought against better instincts to trust a sarcastic, brutally honest 15 year old). While working she decided to fix up my cut and my self-dye job. The color undid some of the previous damage done to my hair. She ended up cutting half of it before a client arrived (he was late) then I got back to work and she cut the rest and colored it after most everyone had left. She cut it with my natural wave and it was very close to the ONE nice haircut I'd ever gotten and now I'm still loving it. It ended up looking a lot curlier due to the layers but I really love it. I also got tips on how to help mend my damaged hair and how to work with the curls I have. The salon is affordable, friendly, and is close to a really good cafe (Well Grounded, 6925 Stockton Ave., if you stop by Reflections check it out), and has a great energy. And I'm not just saying this because I work there.

Reviewed on: 17.09.06