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User Reviews (3)

Stylist: Natacha

I got one of the best hair cuts ever from Natacha; imagine my disappointment when my hair color went so wrong. I moved to Gainesville from up north. I loved my stylist there and she was nice enough to write down the exact formula that she used on my hair. Somehow, even with that information, my hair color turned out badly. What was supposed to be blonde highlights mixed with lowlights turned into white streaks intermixed with brassy spots. The salon tried to fix it by applying a toner. I now have a top third a head of hair that is dark blonde with red spots and the other two thirds is light blonde. It looks weird and I am very distressed.

Stylist: Natacha

I called to make an appointment with Emily but found that she was on maternity leave. The receptionist recommended Natacha. Natacha is also a curly girl and totally gets it. She has taken classes at Deva curl. She spent a lot of time evaluating my curls before cutting. Anyway I was very happy with my hair cut. I highly recommend!

Stylist: Emily

This salon is small, and on the pricey side, but it is very very very good! I found it when I relocated to the area and did a search for Redken salons (my hair has six+ years of Redken color). The owner, Michael, was charming and helpful. But the real raves go to Emily, the stylist who cut and colored my hair. I have spent most of my adult life frustrated by my hair. Long and thick and very wavy, it resists reasonable attempts on my part to blow it out straight. And yet, my hair had never actually seemed to want to commit to curliness. And I often found myself with strange little cowlicks whenever I had my bangs trimmed or got layers around my face. It's been frustrating, wanting pretty, trendy-looking hair - curly or straight - and never being able to successfully achieve either. I was delighted to find this site a few months ago - it's awesome! But I still didn't have the look I wanted. Emily really helped me get a handle on my hair. She was very sweet and friendly. She has curly hair herself, so she has a personal understanding of the challenges of getting pretty curls without frizz. She added more layers to my long hair, colored and styled it, explaining, step-by-step, what she was doing, so that I would be able to get the same look at home. When she finished, I was amazed to see the beautiful, shiny curls that had replaced my fuzzy mop. Weeks later, the color is still vibrant, and my hair still looks beautiful and trendy. And curly :) I won't lie - this visit ran me a couple hundred dollars because of the color treatments - but it was soooo completely worth every penny!! I look at it as an investment in myself, and I budget for it. I have never been so happy with my hair as I have been these past weeks! ~Mary Beth

Reviewed by Guest on 11.28.07