Studio Jade II

110 Bearbrook Rd
Blackburn Hamlet
Ottawa, K1B 5R2

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Stylist: Julie

My Mom and I have been going to Julie for haircuts for YEARS. She truly is the best we have found in Ottawa. If you are looking for her, she has moved to Texture Hair Salon on Dalhousie! No matter your hair type, I 100% recommend. She will make you look amazing!

Reviewed on 12.19.17

Stylist: Julie

Julie Smith has moved! Check her out at Texture Hair Salon at 293 Dalhousie Street, Ottawa. (Be careful if you call Jade II they will book you with another Julie, that is not Julie Smith!)Julie Smith is fantastic with curly hair! I love the way she cuts, layers and colours my thick, curly hair! 

Reviewed on 08.03.17

Stylist: Julie

If you need a curly cut in ottawa, this is probably the best place to go. 

Reviewed on 12.07.16

Stylist: Julie

Before finding this site, and subsequently Julie, I went through many other stylists and one too horror cuts. Julie Smith (many Julies have/do work here) has been cutting my hair for a few years now. She always takes the time to listen to my concerns/needs/wants and addresses them accordingly. I always have a great experience when I go, from the friendly people to the fantastic results. I highly recommend her to anyone, especially those of us with curls!

Reviewed on 05.20.14

Stylist: Julie

After reading the reviews here I decided to give Julie a try. In summary - my experience was disastrous. Everyone was nice but I came out of the salon looking worse than when I went in. I went to have my roots done and then to just have my cut shaped up as it had been a couple of months since I had it cut. First - the colour - she destroyed my hightlights. Rather than just touching up the roots she put the colour on in about a 2 inch swath so that my one month old highlights now look grown out. Also the colour she used was not as dark as what I had on the base so I still have a line where my roots are. As for the cut, she said she wanted to take a little off the back to make it line up a bit more with the front which is cut shorter. I agreed to a little - but she took 3-4 inches off the back which was what I told her I did not want. I specifically said I did not want it short. Now it is too short and looks like it is one length. She also cut my bangs too short but she thought they needed to be trimmed further - I said no. Now I have to stretch them out with a blow dryer and they do not even reach my eyebrows. Finally, she did what everyone else said - she dried my hair naturally under a dryer and then styled it. It looked so bad that even she said she should rinse it and try a diffuser. It still looked terrrible - so bad that even she said it would look better when I styled it. This is one thing I never want to hear, nor should I. I looked so bad that I went straight home and did not do the errands I had planned. In short I am very unhappy and almost made a fuss but I did not want it cut any more. After wanting to get a cut that I could style easily, I am now back to blow drying and straightening to make it look half decent. I will not be back!

Reviewed on 09.09.13

Stylist: Julie

I went to Julie based on the reviews here. The reviews were accurate. I have never had a cut that worked for my hair. It has always been cut and styled as if it were straight. I took Julie 2 pictures of hair cuts that I wanted amalgamated into one cut. She did a beautiful job. As the other reviews say, she cut it wet then air dryed it under the dryer. When it was dry she checked the cut to see if it needed any adjusting. It didn' was perfect. And true test of a good cut, it was still perfect after I wetted it in the shower. I am thrilled! I can't recommend her highly enough! Victoria March 27, 2013

Reviewed on 03.27.13

Stylist: Julie

I took 2 photos of 2 different hair cuts in, and asked Julie if she could amalgamate the 2 cuts. She did. She cut my hair wet, then dryed it under the dryer. When it was dry, she checked the cut to see if it needed adjusting. It's a beautiful cut, probably the best cut I have ever had. She is the only hair stylist I've ever been to who can cut curly hair. I highly recommend her!

Reviewed on 03.26.13

Stylist: Julie

I went to see Julie last week! She did an amazing job. It was the first time in a long time that i had a stylist cut my hair for my curls. Julie looked at my hair, played with it a little, aksed me what i was looking for and went to work on my hair. She first washed my hair and then cut it, then she put me under a hairdryer to let my hair air dry to see how it curls, and then fixed whatever wasn't right. My hair hasn't been this curly in a long time and i love it!

Reviewed on 08.20.12

Stylist: Julie

I went to Studio Jade II based on reviews of Julie's work, and wasn't disappointed. It was the first time a stylist has cut for my texture. I showed her two styles I was interested in and she played with my hair a bit to see how the shorter one could work daily (i.e. wash and go vs. using a curling iron and teasing comb all the time). Then she cut my hair, dried it and refined the cut based on where the curls fell. It was quick and easy. She was friendly. The salon was clean and well organized. I'd go back.

Reviewed on 04.02.12

Stylist: Julie

I have been looking for someone in the city that can cut curly hair. It's so frustrating to get your hair cut and the stylist sends you home with a brushed straight hair style !! Only to get home and wet it and find that it's not right for your curls. I found the Jade II Salon on this website and after reading the rave reviews decided to make an appointment with Julie ! She's awesome. From the moment you walk in, everyone is so friendly. It's a nice salon with a relaxing atmosphere. Julie takes the time to examine your curls and see how they curl and fall before she cuts it. After she cuts it she allows it to naturally dry and then makes touch ups to make sure the cut suits your curls !!! I am definitely a repeat customer. THANK YOU JULIE !!!

Reviewed on 12.25.11

Stylist: Anonymous

Finally found someone who knows how to cut my curls!! Julie is great! My curls are so happy and healthy - I will definitely be back!!

Reviewed on 11.07.11

Stylist: Julie

I have been looking for a stylist in Ottawa who knows how to cut curly hair and after four long years and numerous crappy haircuts I finally found JULIE! She is absolutely wonderful! She took time to talk to me about my hair and what I would like done to it. She executed it just the way I wanted it...take the bulk off the bottom and contour my hair so that it has more bounce and shape! And she only took 35 minutes to wash, cut and dry my hair. And yet it did not feel rushed! She talked to me about what she was doing while she was doing it (like where my hair is naturally heavy and where it is bouncier and how she was contouring it and what it would look like). For the first time in four years I did not come out of salon and put on a hat because I was so embarassed by my hideous haircut. People have been complimenting all day on how nice my hair looks and asking me where I got it cut! THANK YOU SO MUCH JULIE!!!

Reviewed on 09.29.11

Stylist: Julie

I went to Julie based on the other reviews on Naturally Curly. It was very easy to get an appointment, a quick phone call and I had an appointment a couple of hours later. As this was my first cut geared to accenting my 2b hair, she was very considerate of what I wanted, and took the time to look and touch my hair and see how it sat. She has a good technique, uses quality product (sulfate-free shampoo!) and didn't rush the drying process. She also gives lots of care advice and bases it off of the knowledge you already have. I'm very impressed with the final results and would definitely visit Julie again!

Reviewed on 05.31.11

Stylist: Julie

I went to see Julie based on the good comments on the Naturally Curly website. I was not disappointed. She took her time and gave me one of the best cuts I have ever had. She kept the length but was able to make strategic layers to remove some bulk. My curls look great. Friends and family have been complimenting my hair. When they ask me where I got the cut I don't hesitate to tell them at Studio Jade 11 by a very competent stylist:Julie. I will definitely continue going. Isabel

Reviewed on 05.22.11

Stylist: Julie

I've been to Julie three or four times now and I love my cut every time. The conversation is great, the atmosphere is great, and the cut is great!

Reviewed on 03.24.11

Stylist: Julie

I have been going to the JT Salon in Toronto for a few years but business has not taken me back to Toronto and the cost of travel plus the salon meant I had to find a closer alternative. I tried someone local and it was ok but not great. So based on NC reviews I found Julie at Studio Jade II. I waited almost 2 weeks to post to see how things settled and how the cut was after i did it. I had Julie do a colour, highlights and a cut. I love lots of highlights and I got them. She did a great job with both the colour and highlights. She took time with my hair before the cut, playing with it, looking at the curl pattern, where it was thicker etc. My hair is much shorter now then when I went in (which is what I wanted) and I love it. Having washed and styled it myself a few times it is still looking good, curl pattern good, staying in place well, framing my face well etc. Overall I was really pleased with Julie, her knowledge of curls and how to cut them, the time she took to work with me and identify my needs, and the salon in general. If you are looking for someone in the Ottawa area I'd recommend Julie without reservation. The salon is easy to find and free parking - a bonus in the city! It was well worth the trip to Ottawa and I will be going back!

Reviewed on 02.06.11

Stylist: Julie

I went looking for the stylist Julie from Snippers Salon in Ottawa and it turned out that she moved to this new place in Blackburn Hamlet. She is incredible. I have3b hair and it was very long and I wanted a short pixie cut. She listend to what I had to say, asked questions, and gave suggestions. She cut my hair to perfection and I love it! I will definitely be going back to her She is by far the best hair stylist I have ever worked with. Amazing!

Reviewed on 01.18.11