Natural Resources Salon

Earth's Nectar
5313 Morningside Dr.
Houston, TX 77005

User Reviews

Stylist: Kiera

I went here for my re-big chop. I'd heat damaged my hair and had finally come to grips with cutting off all my hair. I came in for a consultation on a Thursday and booked an appointment for Friday. I was convinced I'd be starting over from scratch with a TWA but Kiera was thorough and cautioned me against cutting off all of my hair. I'm glad I listened. I ended up keeping about a years worth of growth and walked away with a pretty fly cut. I'd never had my curls shaped before. I'd always kind of butchered my hair myself. I can't tell you how pleased I am with the outcome! Kiera was great!

Reviewed on 07.21.14

Stylist: Tamika, Shamika, Monique

I've tried Natural Resources. The owner seems passionate but she can lack tact when it comes to her customer service skills. The other stylists are rude and the front desk receptionist is BEYOND ridiculous. They won't get any more of my money.

Reviewed on 01.08.13

Stylist: Tamika, Shamika, Monique

I'm a 3b curly girl. After 3 years of going natural, I finally found the right place. The salon is so nice and peaceful! Shamika did a fantastic job trimming my curls, now they look great. I'm also trying their products (totally natural), and so far I can tell they are working well!!

Reviewed on 06.07.11

Stylist: Tamika, Shamika, Monique

I'm a 3b curly. I moved to Houston 3 years ago, and after trying so many places to get a nice haircut, I found Natural Resources, I went there last week, the salon is a great place, nice and quiet. Shamika did a fantastic job, and I must say that I couldn't be happier!

Reviewed on 06.06.11

Stylist: Tamika, Shamika, Monique

Gone are the days of being frustrated with caring for and styling your natural hair, once you visit Natural Resources Salon. Being a client, for close to two years, I feel that I receive the royal treatment during each visit. I am not only pleased with the current condition of my hair, but the creative ways that stylists at Natural Resources Salons style my hair as well. Their products are the best!

Reviewed on 03.31.11

Stylist: Tamika/Monique

I have had my natural hair done by a few places in the city of Houston. Since I was told to go to Natural Resources by a co-worker in 2005, no one else has been able to convince me to go anywhere else. Monique colors my hair and Tamika twists, styles and helps me keep up with my maintenance. Each time I enter, I am greeted with courtesy, and called by name. I rarely have to wait more than 10 minutes for my service to begin, and once it begins, I am out from start to finish in 1 1/2 hours or less. They never spend time talking on the phone over my head (typical for most salons). The services are always professionally provided. I love the products, and the fact that even though I like to product shop in the store, I am not allowed to just buy anything. They make sure I have the right products for my hair type and style preferences. There isn't a style they can't do, and if it isn't going to look appropriate on you, they won't let you have it! When you leave the salon, you represent them, and they want you to look great! I like the new salon space, because they have more staff and they have the opportunity to serve more people. Before they moved, they were limited to the number of people they could accept and when I told people they weren't taking any more clients, they would become angry with me. Now I don't have that problem anymore. If you want a wonderful natural hair salon experience, you should call Natural Resources Salon to schedule a consultation,

Reviewed on 03.11.11

Stylist: Tamika/Monique

I’ve been visiting Natural Resources Salon for over 6 years and have been extremely pleased with the level of professionalism of the stylists and their staff. They are knowledgeable on handling natural hair and specialize in healthy growth. As a male client in a predominant female environment, the stylists do a great job in ensuring that I am comfortable. I would highly recommend Natural Resources Salon to anyone looking for professional, natural, healthy hair services!

Reviewed on 03.07.11

Stylist: Multiple

Ive had my hair done by different stylist at natural resources and i love my results everytime! Barbara is the best at shampooing!!! She puts you in another world!!! All the stylist do excellent work. And they are very professional.

Reviewed on 02.15.11

Stylist: Tamika F.

My stylist is by far a curl guru! When I first cut my hair and removed all the perm. I searched and searched for a stylist. None of them knew how to handle my 4A/B mix of hair. I would ask naturals who had great hairstyles on the street and they would always say Tamika at Natural Resources styled my hair. She was heavily booked but when I finally got in there was not turning back! She knows how to do it all wet sets/dry sets to give your curls different looks, twist outs, double strand twists, weaves (with her own hair line-wildflower she blends and wefts). She never has you waiting you service begins as soon as you hit the door and you always leave feeling beautiful. She cares about the health of you hair and educates her clients on how to take care of their precious locks when she is not around. She has her own product line that is all natural. She is a true professional who cares about her clients. She is by far the best natural hair stylist Houston has to offer!

Reviewed on 01.22.11

Stylist: Multiple

I went in for a trim and that's exactly what I got. The ladies were very gentel with my hair and they listened to everything I said. The products were very mild and the cream they used on my twists made my so soft. She had incredibly fast hands and the shop was so peacful. I normally do my own hair but when I need a break and just want to be pampered, this is where I'll be going.

Reviewed on 01.18.11

Stylist: Tamika

I have been to Natural Resources 4 times since January. That is a record for me since I usually do not go to the salon very often. I like most not have to wait hours to be serviced and they take their time handling my hair. Tamika cut my hair a couple of months ago and I was pleased with my cut (she was not scissor happy). All of the staff, including the receptionist, are very professional. They also sell premium hair. I currently am wearing 2 strand twists and I love the hair she used. It is synthetic but not hard and itchy like the hair you get at the beauty supply. I also have some of their hair products in my rotation. The salon is a little pricy, but it is well worth every penny. I have been to a couple of other salons but none have matched the stellar customer service I received at Natural Resources.

Reviewed on 06.19.10

Stylist: Tamika/Monique

I have been going to this salon since February and it was the best choice I could have made. I started my transition in September 08. I went to 3 other salons here in Houston. One salon was a full service salon that did a variety of services hair, nails, massage, etc. but the WAIT time—OMG—even with an appointment was 5 hours!!! The second salon, the owner was to do my hair but she “didn’t know I was there” and I was there for approximately 4 hours. My time is valuable just like the next person so sitting in a salon all day to get two-strand twist without extensions or rod sets is ridiculous. The third salon, I didn’t make an appointment the owner’s customer service skills were less than stellar. I went to Natural Resources, had a consultation on the spot, purchased their products per their recommendation and scheduled my appointment. I have not looked back since then. I love my two-strand twists, I use only their shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, or let me not forget—because I workout a lot—they have a hair deodorizer. They do not overbook. Each client is given their own time slot. They are very professional, courteous and aim to please their clients. No wonder they had a year waiting list. They are about to expand and move to another location, please try them—you won’t regret it!!!

Reviewed on 06.01.10