1100 Club Village Dr Ste 105
Columbia, MO 65203, United States

Stylist: Teri

As others have said, Teri is AWESOME! I had seen great reviews here but did not make an appointment until someone I actually know referred her to me. This coworker of mine has 3b/3c hair and her curls are the closest in texture and pattern to mine that I know of. I made my appointment with Teri and was 100% sure that I would be satisfied. I was above satisfied! Teri asked what I wanted, something that most stylists don't do. She explained what she was doing and why my hair needed to be cut a certain way. I completely agreed with her. My hair was extremely uneven and in need of some professional help in order to get a nice shape. She was also very honest. She told me clearly that I would not like any of the styling products that they had available and suggested that I go home and use the products that work for me. She even told me I could bring my products in next time I came to her. I am so happy with my cut I can't stop telling anyone how great she is. It also doesn't hurt that I paid $35 when I thought I would end up spending $100 or more.

Reviewed on: 27.01.13

Stylist: Teri

I have absolutely no complaints about her services. I have 3b/c hair and the last time I had cut my hair, the stylist left it horribly uneven. About an 1 1/2 uneven. I told her I was trying to grow out my hair , so she didn't chop off the whole inch and a half, but she did leave my hair almost perfectly even. She listened carefully on how I wanted my hair to look. She does not do the deva cut, however, she left me with amazing layers! I can't wait to go back in 6 months. I loved it and totally recommend her.!

Reviewed on: 03.01.12

Stylist: Teri

I've had the same stylist for the past 8 years. However, the past three years my hair has been suffering as I spend most of my time at college and don't have time to drive home five hours just to get a hair cut from someone that knows how to work with my hair. So, I googled "curly hair coral gables" and found reviews for Teri. Best decision I could have made. I hadn't had a haircut since July (going on 8 months) just because of lack of time. So by the time I got around to calling to make an appointment, my hair had a lot of split ends, my layers had grown out, and I had "absolutely no style" as she told me honestly and I agreed. In addition, I was cheap with my shampoo/conditioner routine and had a lot of build up. Terri had an assistant wash, clarify, and condition my hair, then did a great job layering my curly hair and giving it a shape. She then had my hair washed again to make sure the build up was completely cleaned up. At this point, my hair looked amazing. But, since I had extra time, she asked if she could "play with my hair" and did a style of twisting and pinning, then drying it. The final result: a great hair style that lets me wear it down and look good but is manageable, curly, and still long enough I can pull it back if I wake up for class and don't feel like dealing with my hair. Note to anyone coming from the north: you WILL need to do a u-turn so be prepared to wait if traffic is bad. But, they have parking so you save time not needing to look for it.

Reviewed on: 16.03.11

Stylist: Kimberley Coonce

Kimberly gave me the best haircut ever! She showed me the devacurl way to take care of and style my naturally curly hair. She was so pleasant and encouraging. She very well might be my new best friend :)

Reviewed on: 15.12.10

Stylist: Teri

On April 23, 2010, after reading the positive reviews here and on NC.com, I had my first cut (and color) with Teri. She is as others have described,super friendly, a good listener, pleasantly chatty, and curly-friendly. Her own hair is in the 2's (wavier than curlier). I posted a review WITH PICS of my hair pre, during, and post At CurlTalk in the stylist chatter section and uploaded pics with Teri at my Fotki (MirCurls). She didn't cut a lot, as I am growing it out, but she cut enough to give it an attractive shape. She uses the wet cut technique, but she knows that we don't like "triangle head." The color came out GREAT, very much like my natural color only richer and without gray. She happily used the flour sack towels I provided to reduce frizz (though I left my preferred products at home). The AG styling products she used worked fine. The salon is busy, but the vibe in there is very friendly and it's not crazy noisy or chemically stinky like some. The prices are reasonable for a metro area like Miami. Totally a positive experience. Warning for the BBWs out there, the robe was not big enough for my size 24/26 body. I could close it, but only with some discomfort. I did wear a camisole under my blouse, so I just left the robe open and let my camisole cover my modesty. But be warned if you're big like me, you won't be able to button/sash it up without some discomfort. Bring checks or cash. Credit cards are not taken (thank God I took two checks in my wallet, cause I didn't know that in advance. Should have asked, my bad.) Teri will leave you with happy curls. I recommend.

Reviewed on: 23.04.10

Stylist: Teri

I've been going to The Strand to see Teri for over a year now and can't speak highly enough about her. It's rare to find a stylist who, within a very short time, not only understands exactly what her customers want but also a stylist who you can sit back, trust and just let them work on your hair. Teri is that person. I go to her for everything from cut to color, highlights, straightening (Keratin) to special occasions and have never once walked out with a bad 'do! I completely trust her and know she will do what my hair needs without question. I'd recommend Teri highly to anyone living in the Miami area who is looking for a great stylist.

Reviewed on: 09.10.09

Stylist: Terri

Terri knows her way around a 3c curly head. She is quick, consistent, confident and a good listener that will cut your hair just the way you like. My husband and I have been going to Terri for about a year now, and we love her. She's a Godsend. By the way, Terri is white and she works in a white salon, so if you are a lady of color don't be afraid. I am an African-American, and I walk in there... sit my butt down... grab me a copy of their latest Cosmopolitan Magazine...and wait for Terri to take me into her wings and work her magic.

Reviewed on: 25.12.08

Stylist: Terri

I can't believe I haven't posted until now. It's all about Terri! I am a Latina with 3C curls. Until I started going to Terri about (three, four?) years ago, any salon I walked into would greet me with the usual: "you have great curls, have you ever considered relaxing them?" line. I never let anyone who tells me that touch my head. Other salons claiming to know how to cut curly hair, have given me horrible chop jobs at an overblown price. I was at the end of my rope when I found Terri at the Strand. She truly knows how curly hair should be cut, listens to what the customer wants, and shows curly heads how to manage and keep their hair healthy. The friendly staffs always makes you feel welcome, and though all I've ever gotten there is a cut, I see both genders of people with all types of hair come to Terri for a simple cut, coloring and color correction. I would never go to anyone else in Miami. For what I want, too, the prices can't be beat.

Reviewed on: 29.12.07

Stylist: Terri

My stylist for many years moved away and I search this web page to select a new stylist. I read about Terri and made an appointment. She is great and took the time to explain about curly hair and gave me a great cut. It was a great experience and I was very happy to find a stylist that can cut my hair.

Reviewed on: 26.12.06