85 Chelmsford St.
Chelmsford, MA 01824, United States

krystle rice


Stylist: Maria

Maria is a sweet, warm person. However, I did not get a good haircut. My haircut had no shape or style. I was very disappointed.

Reviewed on: 27.04.10

Stylist: Megan

I wanted to go to someone who knows how to cut curly hair to get my hair cut short. I had long, unruly hair and I had a bad haircut that just wouldn't go away, no matter how long I grew it out. Megan did a wonderful job, I've never loved a haircut more. My curls are curls again instead of a mess of frizz. She told me what she was doing the whole time and showed me how to style my hair. I will definitely be going back.

Reviewed on: 15.10.09

Stylist: Maria

Maria does a wonderful job on a Ouidad cut. She helps maximize my curl definition, spends quite a bit of time with you, and can duplicate a haircut from a picture. Her warmth and generosity are an added plus, because I don't take too well to a stuffy or superior-type of an attitude. I always look forward to my next cut, because I'll be seeing Maria, and also, I know I'll walk out feeling better about my hair.

Reviewed on: 06.01.09

Stylist: Angela

I got an extremely overpriced haircut that wasn't any better than cheap cuts I've had over the years. If the cut had been great, I would have considered it expensive but worth it, but instead I felt like I wasted a huge amount of money. Angela is quite nice, but the cut did absolutely nothing for my curls and I think it actually works against them. I also had to rush home and wash out the huge gobs of Ouidad product she put on my hair, leaving it dull and tacky to the touch. Very disappointing.

Reviewed on: 19.11.07

Stylist: anyone Ouidad cert.

It is a long drive, but I go to Maria's for a Ouidad style cut. I finally found a cut and a product that makes my hair a joy rather than a tolerable extention of my body.

Reviewed on: 12.12.06

Stylist: Nicole M.

I had my first Ouidad hair cut with her and it was fabulous!! She really took the time to explain to me and my mom what she was doing to my hair. She explained everything!! She offered tips on how to style it, which actaully work and are easy to do!!! She really listened to me as well. I am amazed and now I love my hair thanks to Nicole!! I have a mixture of 3b/3c with some areas that are 4a, and this hair cut really did the trick!!!

Reviewed on: 06.02.06