1205 Johnson Ferry Rd # 105
Marietta, GA 30068, United States

Stylist: Michelle - owner

Don't go here if you value your curls! I was recommended to Variations by a few friends (one even has curly hair). Michelle is their stylist & the owner, so I thought I'd be in great hands. What a mistake. From the minute I started my consultation, she couldn't stop talking about straightening my hair to make me "beautiful". Not just flat ironing, chemical straightening which they apparently push here. I let her cut & color me and even let her flat iron my hair (my husband hated it). It took forever because she constantly put me on hold to talk to friends. Cut was okay but the color dried my hair out as never before. I went back 6 weeks later & got the same spiel about straightening. After I sat at the shampoo bowl and watched a stylist drag a METAL COMB through another curly's wet hair, I decided never to go back here again. Michelle cut my hair that day and started to flatiron it, but I said no way and walked out looking like me. What a horror house for curlies!!!

Reviewed on: 23.07.07

Stylist: Bryan

I just want to say that i had a pretty miserable experience at variations. i read a review for it here so i called ahead of time and ASKED if they had anybody especially in dealing with ethnic (3c-3b) hair. They said yes and scheduled me with Bryan. Well, he took a look at my hair and started suggesting a chemical straightening (which was not what i wanted. i wanted a cut and something to reset my curls...) his reply was, "well i've been doing hair longer than you've been alive so..." which i thought was pretty obnoxious (i look a lot younger than i actually am.) i told him i liked my curls but he still pushed for the straightening. i declined and asked for a perm & cut and he REALLY didn't know what he was doing. he had no idea how to deal with my hair and finally had to call someone else over to help him. (he washed my hair, combed it out and let me sit waiting for him for about 30 minutes. of course by the time he came back my hair was dry and poofy!)at that point, i was so embarassed, i just asked him to rinse off whatever he had started with and left. he didn't charge me for anything (OF COURSE! he had no clue of what he was doing!) i left very frustrated because i had CALLED ahead of time to ask them for their qualifications and they had told me they had a stylist that could help me. the salon environment was great, the receptionist was kind and friendly, but if you have really curly hair, avoid bryan. you'll regret it if you don't.

Reviewed on: 10.07.07