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Stylist: Caitlin

She really explained the products that she used. And made sure I understood what she was doing and why. We also talked about 'color' which I love because I love 'reds' and can hardly wait to get that done. Well my hair is super coily and the shrinkage is 'So Real'. There was some shrinkage but the main thing was that the curls were defined. Usually at the sometime during the day I end up with an Afro. I don't mind that but I really want my curls to show. This was Friday (8/24), and I went to a national park and got all sweaty and grungy. Even with that, Sunday morning my hair still looked good as my Son said, I looked like a Rock Star. I shampooed my hair when I got home Sunday and my curls are still defined and ****ny. Some parts show dryness but that wasn't so bad because I know it will take a while for my hair to get healthy. So I am happy with the DevaCurl products and the Salon. Need to make another appointment soon.

Reviewed on 08.30.18

Stylist: Melody Birdsong

Got my first devacut here. Melody took a lot of care in cutting my curly hair, and giving it a nice defined shape. She further patiently taught me how to cleanse, condition and style curly hair. Strongly recommend Melody for anyone looking for a stylist in Memphis! 

Reviewed on 02.05.17

Stylist: Brooke

I just wrote a long great review of Brooke and the whole salon but it got lost somehow. But anyway, she made my hair go from a weird wave to ringlets and it's completely amazing. I will definitely be back.

Reviewed on 10.11.13

Stylist: Brooke

I decided to try the Curly Girl method again, using the cut I already had (just long layers), after a few days the curl/wave was coming back but it was heavy. I found Great Lengths salon on this site and called. I was so lucky to get Brooke for an appointment. She explained everything in length and patiently answered all of my nervous questions. I was afraid the cut would take all day after reading about the "one curl at a time" thing online but it didn't at all. But honestly, swear to God, it made my weird wavy with underneath really curly hair, spring up and curl ALL over and it started turning into ringlets almost immediately. She went through the entire process from conditioning, prepping, product using and finishing, I've never, ever seen curly hair like that on me. I would never have thought it could happen. I will definitely be back to see Brooke. And everyone at that salon is very friendly and helpful. As a whole the salon definitely gets a 5.

Reviewed on 10.11.13

Stylist: Melody Birdsong

I have a lot of 3B hair, which was past my shoulders. It was nice hair, and got a lot of compliments, but I was bored of it. So I went to Melody, and told her I was thinking of doing something new. I showed her a couple pictures of styles I liked, and she thought they were cool. The haircut that followed really felt like a collaboration. We talked about the style all the way through, and by the time we were done, Melody had given me a haircut WAY better than the pictures I had shown her. I've never been happier with a haircut. The Deva method she used was fascinating. She was positively *sculpting* my hair, and it was awesome. Everybody loves my new hair. It's modern and a little edgy, and I'm just thrilled. Call Great Lengths and make an appointment with Melody. You'll be so happy.

Reviewed on 09.20.13

Stylist: Rob Brennan

Rob is a Deva Certified Stylist and works with curly and textured hair on a daily basis. He has received many rave reviews on Great Lengths Hair Salon Facebook page. Rob will not only strive to give you that special look you want but also take the time to educate you about your hair and teach you how to create that look at home. Rob is also a Sahag cutting technician.

Reviewed on 10.09.12

Stylist: melody birdsong

Iloooovvvvvveeeeeddddddd Melody! I was so scared to even come due to a past experience with another "stylist" in a different salon. Melody made me feel so at ease1 From the time I came in she offered me a beverage, fixed it and gave it to me with a smile. I had plenty of questions about my curly hair and she had great advice and could answer all of them. I felt like I knew her. She took the time to wash and detangle my hair!!! Who does that?! She was extremely gentle and precise. Her work is great! I was skeptical of her ability to do my hair. I am natural and my ethnic background is Black and Asian so I was pleasantly surprised and very pleased! I will ALWAYS go to her while I am in Memphis! I would recommend her to anyone that has curly hair! She loves what she does and it show! Oh, and she is certified and experienced to cut curly hair, so next week I will be getting my deva cut! Please guys stop by and ask for Melody, you will NOT regret it!!!!! :-)

Reviewed on 09.22.12

Stylist: Brooke

If you have curly hair you have to see Brooke! I cannot begin to tell you how messed up my long curly hair was - it had been dyed black(accidentally)by another salon and then they stripped it with bleach! Thought I was going to have to chop it but one session with Brooke and my curls where brought back to life better than before and she corrected my hideous tri-color mess! In all my 42 years with curls and always having to leave salons with wet hair or complete frizz I have been so blessed to have FINALLY found a place that knows how to style curly hair and walks you step by step through the deva curl process. Also Rob was great at using the deva dryer-seriously never liked having my hair done b/c never know what your going to end up with?? Brooke now has a life long customer!!

Reviewed on 07.27.12

Stylist: Brooke

Fantastic salon, very friendly and cozy. Deva Curl certified, Brooke does a wonderful job.

Reviewed on 07.21.11

Stylist: Carol Bakowicz

- Board Certified Master Hair Colorist - 35+ years in the industry - Certified Sahag hair cutter - Trained over 100 New York Sahag Salon - Deva Curl Certified for cutting curly hair

Reviewed on 01.21.11