3326 W Friendly Ave
Greensboro, NC , United States

Stylist: Marlee

I had a great experience at this salon. From the moment I walked in I felt pampered. Marlee has naturally curly hair which helped when describing how my hair acts. She listened to what I was looking for and then mixed it with her knowledge of cutting hair and it turned out wonderful. I will definitely be going back.

Reviewed on: 15.04.12

Stylist: Mark Pedersen

I'm so happy to see small businesses doing so well in this economy. Jade must be because they obviously didn't need my business. I arrived for my appointment with Mark and he told me I wasn't on the books to see him that day and another person looked in the computer and found that I was scheduled the following week - an error on their part. He didn't apologize to me, offer a different time that day or a different stylist. After standing there in disbelief I told them I was unable to come the following week and - nothing, they just let me stand there. So I left and I suppose they realized their mistake and several minutes later received a call and a message that another stylist would be open at a later time and the good news was she wasn't a master stylist so it would be cheaper! I was already on my ay back to Winston-Salem where I had a 40 min drive each way. I'm just glad they're doing so well. Keep up the good work!

Reviewed on: 23.09.11

Stylist: Mark

I have to agree with "sweetas17". I am not sure Mark knows curly hair?? I have naturally curly hair - the first time he cut my hair - it was very very short! I do wear my hair short - but was not prepared for that. He cut my hair about 2-3 more times, He used a razor. May be he is good with other types of hair? I had to stop going to him - I never knew what I my hair was going to look like. I always felt rushed, and had my appointments changed...

Reviewed on: 05.07.11

Stylist: Mark

I went to this salon because after reading the reviews on here I thought I had finally found a great hair stylist who knew how to cut curly hair! Well, on his website it says he specializes in curly hair, but does cutting curly hair require washing it, brushes it out, straightening it with a high-heat blow-dryer, and then flat ironing it pin straight BEFORE he cuts it? I follow the CG method and have read a lot of information to stay away from brushes, blow dryers and especially flat irons. I just felt (and smelt) my hair frying as he was straightening it. Sorry, but a true hair stylist that is experienced with cutting curly hair does not straighten it first. I will not be going back to him. I rated 3 because he does have some knowledge on curly hair, but has now damaged my hair and will take weeks to repair/restore.

Reviewed on: 13.06.11

Stylist: Mark & Corie

I had double process color with Corie and a haircut with Mark. Corie herself has naturally curly hair that is beautiful. She asked me how I wore my hair, whether I wanted natural looking or noticeable highlights, as well as color and tone. The highlights really make my curls stand out! I've had tons of compliments regarding them. Mark asked about my hair, my previous cuts, and my routine. I had been no pooing, and using pretty much a super soaker method. My hair is a 2C, but I've never really known how to achieve great results. I pretended it was straight most of my life and had blown it out and used flat irons. With my natural style, I had been using leave in conditioner, curl creme, gel, and diffusing with clips, then most of the time using a curling iron after on a few pieces to achieve a decent look. Mark said that sounded like a lot of work, and typical of curlies. He went in and provided some much needed layering in the back and I'm not sure what else he did, it seemed so effortless, but afterwards he just raked in some curl creme and diffused it without scrunching or touching. He did use a tiny bit of hairspray on the crown and diffused it upside down for root volume. The result was fabulous. It has been almost a month, and everyday I am loving my hair. I think it is the combination of great highlights and a perfect cut. I've cut down on product usage and time, and my hair looks better than ever! Of course the downside may be the price, but I had recently been to a salon downtown that was even pricier and had a stylist with curly hair, and she did not give me anywhere near the great cut that Mark did.

Reviewed on: 10.01.11

Stylist: Mark

Mark knows exactly what to do when it comes to curly hair. I had an out grown short hair cut and he added the correct amount of layers just for curly hair. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. He answered all my questions and I highly recommend him.

Reviewed on: 05.01.11

Stylist: Mark Pederson

I first read about Mark on this website. Apparently he had just left Winston Salem, NC at the time. You will not find a better stylist for curly hair anywhere!!!!!!! I have been to so many others in the past, and have shed my fair share of tears over the years from bad experiences at salons...but not anymore! Mark will give you a great cut that takes very little maintenance, if you wish. Styling my hair has never been easier, and I have never gotten more compliments on my hair!!! If you go see him, tell him Kim sent you!

Reviewed on: 07.09.09

Stylist: Mark Pedersen

Best hair cut i EVER had. Really understands curly hair and he takes the time to understand your hair and how you want it to be. I highly recommend him you will not regret it :)

Reviewed on: 20.06.07

Stylist: Mark Pederson

I just had to had another comment for Mark since he has moved to Greensboro. Sad for Winston Salem, but lucky for all of Greensboro. An hour drive is nothing for the quality of haircut I (curly hair) receive from Mark! My mom (straight hair) and sister (curly hair) are now devoted clients who wouldn't go to anyone else. Yes, he really is that good! Erin

Reviewed on: 21.11.06

Stylist: Mark Pedersen

Mark is great with cutting & styling curly hair. Over the years I have had my hair short, long and in between. He always gives me a great cut & style. My only complaint is that he moved from Winston-Salem to Greensboro to open his own salon and now I must drive an hour for him to do my hair. If you look under Winston-Salem you will see others love him too.

Reviewed on: 23.10.06