Salon Enchanted

Paul Mitchell
3416 Griffin Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

User Reviews

Stylist: Sara Bell

I moved about two years ago, and I had been avoiding getting haircuts here in the States because a “curl expert” who gave me a haircut that was wider than it was long had traumatized me - not my thing at all. Anyways, I knew I had to get a new haircut the moment my hair went from shoulder length to mid-back and begun to look like a hut. I searched intensely for a salon that fit my budget and curly needs (I have 3a curls), and I must say I'm really glad I found Sara! I just gave her a picture of what I DIDN'T want and she turned my hut into pretty curls and even set me up with a bottle of product and great advise :) I'll definitely be back for my upcoming curly experiments!

Reviewed on 08.14.09

Stylist: Sara Bell

Even though Sara is skilled at cutting curly hair, I didn't have a good experience. I am not a chatty person and I don't like it when people push their products. I like to focus on what an stylist is doing in order to determine whether I'll be coming back. I find talk unrelated to the care and styling of curly hair to be quite distracting. I wont be going back to the Enchanted Salon.

Reviewed on 01.22.09

Stylist: Sara Bell

I love this salon! I only trust Sara with my hair and only have used her for many years now...i recommend her to anyone with curly hair! - ashley

Reviewed on 09.26.07