Alta Moda

2123 Gratiot Avenue
Detroit, MI 48207

User Reviews

Stylist: Kesha

Kesha Is A Great Stylist For A Relaxed Girl Or A Girl Who Jst Wants Straight Hair. Her Biggest Worry Is Making Sure Your Hair Is Healthy And Growing. Her Best Jobs Are Sew-ins And Cut And Styles. She Is Great At Making Damaged Hair Healthy. She WIll Be Your Friend By Telling You That U Can't Dye Your Hair Or Do Something Else Damaging Because It's Already Damaged And I Find That Very Helpful When You Get The Urge To Jump The Gun And Do The One Thing You Know You Shouldn't Do. The Downside To Kesha Is That She Is Limited. She Doesn't Do The More Edgy Styles Or Alot Of Natural Hair Styles. So If Your Goal Is To Be Extremely Different Or Naturally She Isnt The One For You.

Reviewed on 01.22.11