15641 Sheridan Street
Southwest Ranches, FL 33331, United States



Stylist: Nancy

Let me start off by saying that Nancy has amazing curly hair and based on the previous review I was sold. However my experience was not the same at all. I went in for a consultation. Nancy was very engaging and answered all my questions and so I booked my appointment with her. My appointment started off with her not even remembering our consultation from the day before. My hair was washed even though she claimed she was going to do a dry cut for my curls. Then during the hair cutting she was answering her cellphone and taking to the client sitting next to me. They were exchanging pictures and talking about makeup. At one point I asked her how long it was going to take and she apologized but continued with the same behavior. She basically gave me a regular layered haircut. I didn't want my hair dried straight which for surprised her somehow which is crazy; so she proceeded to use a diffuser on high and high heat. I left with my hair made a ball of frizz. I looked like a horrible mess. She may have beautiful curls herself but she doesn't know how to work with other people's curls. It pained me that I paid for that service. I should have walked out from the very beginning when the whole washing of my hair started. I would not recommend this salon for curly hair cuts. Clearly they know nothing about technique.

Reviewed on: 19.06.14

Stylist: Nancy

I truly love what Nancy does to my hair. This girl really knows how to cut curly hair and really knows color. I've never been complemented on my hair so much for MONTHS after I've seen her! She's the kind of stylist that you should just trust to do her thing because she has a great eye and will make you look better than you thought you could! I moved away from Miami 4 years ago and still have tried to get back to her for my color and cuts. Its been hard to trust anyoen else in my hair! I love her! The salon is beautiful and all the girls who work there are really nice. I live in L.A. now and I hope to get there soon!

Reviewed on: 28.04.07