8041 LB Tysons Corner Center
McLean, VA 10012, United States

Stylist: Andre

I have curly hair and have been butchered by stylists who don't know that there is a difference between curly hair and other hair textures. I'm a huge fan of the Elie Elie Salon! I've been there five times with Melana or Andre. They KNOW curly hair! I have always walked out extremely pleased with my curly cut. I give four stars because the price is expensive ($95 just for a cut, does not include tip or highlights, etc) but it's worth it because I don't go home crying because it looks bad. Plus I only go four times a year. They hesitate/won't do dry cuts (to shape it like the bush it is) and I walk out with way more product on my hair than I'm used to, but overall, I'm extremely happy and very confident that I won't have a bushy mullet when I'm done. The gals at the front desk have always been very courteous. The salon itself is very beautiful and chic. A great resource for curly girls is the book "Curly Girl" by Lorraine Massey, available at Barnes and Noble for about $10. This book changed my (hair)life and now I constantly get compliments on my curly hair. Shampoo is not a curly girl's friend. Read the book. This information is not in mainstream magazines like InStyle or Allure, etc. :-)

Reviewed on: 28.03.10

Stylist: N/A

The receptionist (brunette with an accent) was rude and obnoxious to me when all I was trying to do, as a potential new customer, was to get a price estimate of the services and clarify what the cost of the whole treatment would be ahead of time so that I could anticipate accordingly. If I had gone and had a good experience, I would have been a regular customer because the salon is close to where I work, but since I was treated so rudely by their receptionist, I won't be going there and will gladly try a different salon.

Reviewed on: 11.03.10

Stylist: Malini

I had high hopes for this salon based on the past comments. When arrived at the salon customers were leaving with bouncing shiny curls and I was confident I made a good choice. Sadly by the end of my appointment I did not! I explained to Malini (as I had when I made the appointment) that I just got my hair out of braids and want the remaining chemical treated hair off. I wanted my natural curls to be defined, soft and touchable. She stated she could give me this, but when I left I had a dry crunchy afro with no style. She stated it looked great. I told her it was OK and I liked the cut but the curls were not what I wanted, she said that next week they would have the products to make my curls better and I should come back. She kept telling me my hair looked nice. It did not and I cried all the way home. If you want a good cut - go to Elie Elie but to style African American kinky hair (type 3b) do not go to the salon.

Reviewed on: 18.08.08

Stylist: Elie

I love this man! I travel from Virginia Beach to Tysons (or Winchester, the other salon location) for a curlee cut from Elie. I always love the way my hair looks and feels, and also receive numerous compliments about my cut--even at the gym when I'm not typically looking my best post-workout. Elie is able to make the best of your curls and give you a cut that provides second day wear easily. I highly recommend him.

Reviewed on: 18.03.08

Stylist: Enrique

First off I was very nervous and getting my curly kinky hair cut. I wanted to keep it long but have some shape so I could finally wear down. Enrique was wonderful!! He took all of my apprihension away about cutting it. He took the time to LISTEN to me about what I wanted. He EXPLAINED what he would be doing and how to recreate the look on my own. He SHOWED me how to apply the products to my hair. And I felt like he cared if I liked it or not. It was a little pricy ($150) but WELL worth it. I've paid for $75 haircuts that made me look like a poodle. He is wonderful! I definately recomend him to any women with textured hair......:) :)

Reviewed on: 25.10.07

Stylist: Elie

Elie is hit or miss. He is a master. First two times I went- amazing! Especially if you have thick, too much volume hair for the Ouidad style haircut devolumizes and thins it out. Last time I went, I asked for him to straighten my hair which led to him cutting my hair like a straight persons and going way too short. Phenominal when I straighten my hair but curly not so much. I do recommend him though, those 1st 2 haircuts were amazin!

Reviewed on: 14.09.06