100 Parklane Blvd.
Dearborn, MI 48126, United States



Stylist: Gail Mauk

I have to agree with luvmycrls and would add that I don't believe Gail enjoys cutting curly hair. I always wear my hair curly. I brought in pictures of curly cuts and discussed with Gail what I liked about the cuts. Immediately after she cut my hair, she began blow drying. My back was to the mirror so I didn't see the completed cut. She dried my hair without a diffuser and began straightening my hair! I never gave her any indication that I wanted my hair straightened and she never asked. Half way through, she turned me to face the mirror. When she saw that I was less than enthusiastic about the style, she did wet my hair and attempt to style it with curls. She also commented that most people with curly hair want their hair straightened. She did use a diffuser but then also took a comb to my hair. My hair got bigger and bigger. A very 80's look. At least I finally got a better feel for the cut and there were some obvious problems. I felt that she ignored all of my comments and did what she wanted. When I went home, I took scissors to my hair and corrected the obvious problems. I re-wet my hair and styled it with gentle curls. The straightening, the comment, and using a comb with the diffuser all suggest that Gail does not like to work with curly hair. Gail is a very nice person but I do not recommend her for curly hair. Other comments: The salon was over crowded. It is not a very big salon and with 5 employees and 9 clients the place became very tight and noisy. Finally, Gail has a drawer filled with hair brushes that are not clean--hair and dust on each of the brushes.

Reviewed on: 15.06.12

Stylist: Gail Mauk

I am giving Gail a 2 only because she was very nice ( but her work deserves a 1). She does not know the first thing about cutting and/or styling curly hair. I understand that not everyone knows how to cut curly hair, but please be honest with your clients and tell them. It has been several months since I saw Gail and I am still trying to grow out the "cut" she gave me. I had to cut off almost 4 inches hair of hair to correct what she did and for us curly girls 4 inches is A LOT! Please save your money and your hair and find another stylist.

Reviewed on: 18.03.12

Stylist: Gail Mauk

I am in love with the hair cut Gail gave me. I always had troubles finding someone who would understand my curls, I never blow dry my hair and I always keep it naturally curly. Gail did great layering with it without cutting too much of it specially that it is already short. If you are a curly head and you are somewhere around Dearborn I highly recommend Gail Mauk. The other stylists were also nice to us and the prices are very affordable. Thank you Gail!

Reviewed on: 10.11.11

Stylist: Gail Mauk

I made a last minute appointment over the phone, and from the first answer to the callback after finding an available stylist for me, I was very happy with the customer service. This is a huge plus for me, considering the fact that if I research a salon, am ready to make an appointment but the receptionist is pleasant, courteous and professional on the phone, I will hang up and call someone else. The receptionist told me that I would be seeing Gail, who has had a lot of experience with curly hair. I was early for the appointment (super excited because I haven't had a cut since I started really caring about my curls; I'm still a newbie!) and Gail greeted me warmly after walking her prior client all the way out through the revolving door (the client was an older woman who seemed to have trouble pushing the door through). From the second she shook my hand, Gail was nice, pleasant and very interested in me and my hair. I have had nightmare cuts, and explained all of this. She was so understanding, and seemed genuinely excited to work with my "situation," as I referred to my hair's condition. Gail was thorough, communicated well, and worked carefully. I felt comfortable under her hands and sheers. Now, this salon is not CG. I am modified CG (I think?) and explained to her how I felt my hair had benefited. She washed my hair with regular shampoo, conditioned with silicones, and blow-dried half-way without a diffuser. While this was not what I do at home, my hair did not feel damaged and I kind of looked like a rock star when she was done. My cut was (and still is, about 2 weeks later,) even and fresh-looking. She did not thin my hair, we agreed that curls need the weight, and my layers bounce flatteringly. All in all, I was, and still am very pleased. I made an 8 week appointment for another trim (the time frame she suggested considering my hair goals and the way I treat it regularly,) and may even go in early for my first ever salon color. Not to mention, the price was very, very reasonable. I would highly suggest this salon and stylist to any curly who requires support and enthusiasm about their curls.

Reviewed on: 04.04.11

Stylist: Gail Mauk

I was from out of town and desparate. Gail was patient with me, and educated me on how to take care of my wild hair. She cut and colored my hair and I was surprisingly pleased. I felt educated when I left the salon.

Reviewed on: 08.05.10

Stylist: Ron Wainio

I needed to find a new stylist since my original stylist moved to a much farther salon. I again came here to consult the curlies and decided to give Salon Travisio a call to see if I could get an appointment with Ron Wainio, and I was super lucky to get an appointment the next day or so because he fills up FAST (you usually have to book 2 months in advance...he's seriously that good). Anyway, he listened to what I wanted and told me what would look good and I got a fantastic cut and style. All of the salon staff are awesome and they want to make you as comfortable as possible. It's also very affordable, even for a poor grad student like me :)

Reviewed on: 25.10.06

Stylist: Nicky Pirello

When you see Nicky, you will understand why she understands curly hair! She is the best at cutting hair that I have ever seen. I have been happy for 19 years, every single time, and always get lots of compliments on my "cut", especially after 2 weeks - amazing. My hair used to be straight, but with time (really aging), it has turned curly (quite). Hard for me to switch how to style & care for it, but Nicky has always given me a fabulous cut, and taught me how to care & style the cut. When I leave her chair, I know how to blow dry, put up, pull back, straighten, etc., my hair, whether my cut is pixie short, or below shoulder length. Her personality is fun & welcoming, like visiting your sister, you know? Her coloring is always "right on", attractive and lasting. Nicky will even come in for her clients on her days off, and Sundays, when her clients have special events for which they need their hair styled. She's the best!

Reviewed on: 25.08.06

Stylist: Eddie

Eddie is a great guy. Total stud puppy. He made my hair look amazing. He also turned me on to Davines products - great products that solved most of my problems. Eddie only charged me $30 for my long, curly hair.

Reviewed on: 08.08.06

Stylist: Ron Wainio and Ron Kish

Undoubted, this is one of the best Salons in the state. Ron Wanio is a miracle worker with all hair but especially with naturally curly hair. He has shown me how to make my excessively curly, frizzy, dry hair beautiful. He can help you if you want it straight, curly, long or short. And, for our straight haired friends who want to go curly, Ron Kish can help you with that. He gives a gorgeous perm! I can't say enough good things about this Salon. Even the support staff is first rate!

Reviewed on: 13.04.06