25155 Madison AvenuenSuite 103
Murrieta, CA 92562, United States

Kate Steinwandel


Stylist: Rick Jaramillo

My hair is dry, damaged, and unruly........basically I have curly, 3B hair that was in need of major help. I've always had trouble finding a stylist that knows how to handle curly hair. Ever since I moved from Orange County to now Murrieta/Temecula, It's been even harder to find a new stylist in this area. I don't like choosing any establishment by how many stars they have on Yelp, but I am a visual person and the pictures of La Mode Salon look amazing! So I took a chance.....And thank goodness I did!! Rick is now the one and only person who can touch my hair LOL He not only knows how to cut and style curly hair, he's good at every other kind of texture and hair type's (friends that I referred). He definitely knows what he's doing and does a great job of asking you questions and giving you recommendations based on your hair type, daily routine, maintenance level, and facial structure..etc. And good thing he does, because honestly not every cut and color is for EVERYONE. The other thing I like about Rick, was that he made it point to educate me about how to keep my hair healthy. Prior to my visit I fried my hair with intense heat and chemicals, which left my hair dull and breaking at not only the ends but the middle. Ive been scared to blow dry my hair or straighten it. Now with Rick's help my natural curl and moisture is finally coming back and every now and then I let him blow dry it straight(which he's amazing at btw) And if a stylist knows how to do perfect a blowout on crazy curly hair, and it lasts for days?........then you know he's good! So ask for RICK!

Reviewed on: 01.04.14

Stylist: Brigid

I am writing this review because reviews helped me to find Brigid. She knows how to cut curly hair. I showed her a picture of a hair cut I had last year. She was able to copy the cut and maybe the cut is even better this time.

Reviewed on: 02.07.12

Stylist: Brigid

Just got my first cut with Brigid. She is great. I had given up on finding anyone who could cut my hair and not leave me in tears. It had been over a year since my last cut and Bridig took the time to make sure I am happy with my hair. Highly recommend Bridig. The only thing I didn't like were the Aveda products. Their smell is too strong for me.

Reviewed on: 24.05.12

Stylist: Brigid

Brigid--herself a curly girl-- is a fabulous stylist who truly understands curly hair. She knows all about the curly girl book and so much more. I always leave her chair smiling and feeling beautiful. No more post-cut trauma and tears for me thanks to Brigid!

Reviewed on: 23.04.08