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Suite 160
Vienna, VA 22182

User Reviews

Stylist: Natalya

I can't believe I didn't review my favorite hairstyle in the USA! I know my busy life I guess! I'm going to be 100% honest. I'm a VERY picky person when it comes to MY HAIR! I've being a blonde, a brunette, blonde and finally brunette again. My hair was VERY damaged, with no shape at all, but my hairstylist NATALYA has made an INCREDIBLE work of art with my hair, more than that a MIRACLE! I have never got so many compliments on my hair and style as I have over the past few years since Natalya started being MY ONLY hairstylist. Friends at school, and work have been asking who cuts and dyes my hair and I have never been happier to provide a reference. She definitely DOES a HIGH professional work when it comes to colors, cuts, hairdo, and hairstyle. She's not only an excellent professional stylist, but a very nice person and very beautiful as well! I always give her only a basic idea of what I want whether is cut, color or hairdo and before she starts, she explains in detail exactly what she is going to do to my hair and ALWAYS exceeded my expectations! I CAN'T wait to see her on my next appointment VERY SOON! I Highly recommend her. Seriously, Natalya is AMAZING!

Reviewed on 11.21.11

Stylist: Natalya

The original owner of Noufal - Joey is very warm, kind and welcoming. The staff are also wonderful and professional and warm. My stylist is Natalya and she is the best I have ever had. She is an incredible hair and color stylist. She has been by stylist for 5 years and my hair is perfect every time I leave. I have curly hair and I also get color and highlights and she does an amazing job of doing my color just right and it looks polished and elegant. My hair is tamed and shiny every time I am there.

Reviewed on 07.23.11

Stylist: elie

Elie has done things for my curly hair that no one else has been able to accomplish. My hair was damaged and brittle and frizzing everywhere. He had to cut off a significant amount, which I knew was what I had to do. It looks and feels wonderful now, and I couldn't be happier! Ok, so Elie is not always the sun that lights up my day and sometimes he can be brutally honest, but with my hair that's what I want. I'm tired of stylists telling me things are beautiful, gorgeous etc, when they just are not. So if you can handle the truth about your hard to handle hair.... Elie's your guy!

Reviewed on 07.05.11

Stylist: elie

OKAY. so Elie is the previous owner of Elie Elie salon in Vienna Virginia, but he recently combined his salon with his brother's and now they are Noufal Haircolor Studios. I'll admit, this was my first experience with a curly hair cut and change is always a stressful process. However Elie was not exactly comforting. He was slightly rude to me and VERY rude to his assistant. He has a very charming accent and when he does try to make nice conversation, hes very entertaining. I wanted to like him, I really did. BUT. He simply wasn't nice and i told him i wanted my curls to remain looking LONG. they don't. the cut is actually pretty good, and I think i am liking my first experience with layers, but i don't see myself returning to his salon for a whopping 130$ haircut. OH and also he was majorly pushing his products on me, which he used way too much of and i thought they smelled like baby gherkin pickles. but that's just me. p.s. on a side note, a family friend of mine (also a curly) got a cut from Elie a few months ago, she brought her sleeping baby in with her. Elie flipped and made her put the baby in the waiting area and said she was NOT ALLOWED to bring her child with her anymore. Now this might be Salon protocol or something but I think it's a bit ridiculous to yell at a woman and her sleeping baby. Just saying!

Reviewed on 01.23.11