The Kindred Locs Studio

6207 Oxon Hill Road #114
Oxon Hill, MD 20746

User Reviews

Stylist: Donna Hayes

I don't know who did that first review but they did not see me. First off, I don't drive a truck, I don't have a boss, and my youngest child is a Sr in high school. There fore there would be no crib or play pen in my space. There are several banks next to the salon so why would she need to go to a gas station for an atm? I am sure she got me confused with someone else or maybe a hater, cause I got a few of them.

Reviewed on 08.20.13

Stylist: Donna Hayes

I went to this salon b/c it was close to my house and found this was the biggest mistake ever. I made a appt. That wasnt valued. The owner was supposed to do my hair that was over a hour 1/2 late and sat on the truck for 20 mins after she got there. She called and called her boss for no, response . Her son co-worker finally started on my hair. The sink was very small.Her son was in a play pin that she had to keep tending to. She b tempted a style I wanted in a book that I wanted. Feed cornrows. Omg the were so spaced. I look nothing like that style. I left with total discus. When her boss final came in and had, the lamest excuse ffor her unprofessional attitude. They had no credit card machine so I had to go to the gas station, across the, street. Looking at my hair I, told her I wasnt paying. Her the full price 60 bucks. The gas station Atm didn't work. So I had tho go further. She,blew my phone up sharing a,better come back to pay her. She, told me, she would call the police at that old her I would be back. Then she had a, fake attorney call me. This was to much so I, vowed to never go on whim for convenience.

Reviewed on 07.14.11

Stylist: Donna Hayes

When I went natural I was looking for a hairstyles that would treat my hair love and care, and I found her. Of all the years I have been getting my hair done I have never heard other hairstyles talk about another hairstylist with much praise as they do her. I enjoy Ms. Donna she is the first hairstyles that I have had put extentions in my hair and I not even feel her braiding. She reamins on task and one time ...she is very professional and manages her time very well .....she can have five clients at one time and work it like clock work ...I love her and appreciate the work that she does on my hair .

Reviewed on 01.23.11