Hair Peace

815 Lomax St
Jacksonville, FL 32204

User Reviews

Stylist: James

I called for an appointment and was placed with James. He's nice and did a decent job, but I was also charged $100+ (their website says $85)... not sure why. The hair cut is ok, certainly not the worst I've ever had but I've had better done from stylists who weren't DevaCurl certified. It just wasn't worth the money. I heard from a few friends that I can't go wrong with Bruce or Melody. I wouldn't recommend James for a curly cut, but I might give the salon another try.

Reviewed on 03.15.18

Stylist: Scott

Before i made an appointment i decided to do a consultation with Scott because i wanted to meet the man who would be doing my hair and make sure that i trusted he would take care of my curl families (something they call your hair at the salon, adorable i know). So to make a long story short i was completely and pleasantly surprised with how willing he was to play around with my hair and just the mere fact he was scared of my hair made me excited to see what he would do when i decided to actually schedule a true appointment with him. Through out the whole consultation he explained what he would do and how he would cut it he also gave me some tips on how to take care of it with the deva curl products. I love the way he cut my hair and styled it and what i love even more is that he told me how to style it so it feels like i have salon styled hair everyday! i definitely recommend hair peace whether you make an appointment with Scott or Bruce i guarantee you'll leave happy.

Reviewed on 10.07.12

Stylist: Bruce

One word AMAZING!!! amazing all around salon and staff. I got my Deva cut today from Bruce he is talented I'm a mixed girl with kinky curly hair and I wanted a new look he did better than I could have ever imagined I can't wait to see how my new funky style grows out I'm so excited and can't wait for my next visit....

Reviewed on 10.14.11

Stylist: Scott

My apologies for my July 9, 2010 review. I meant to say SCOTT, not Steve as a great hair stylist. He was very sweet, and my curls looked great.

Reviewed on 03.14.11

Stylist: Scott

Scott did an excellent job on my hair. he didn't rush, and was very precise. He knew exactly what to do. he was highly knowledgeable on the subject of products, and not only recreated my hair while i was there, but also gave me the tools and the know how to do so once i was home.

Reviewed on 08.05.10

Stylist: Bruce (and Steve)

I've been going to Bruce for about a year now. From my first appointment, Bruce made me feel comfortable. As a curly girl, Hair Peace is the only salon in Jacksonville that I fully trust with my hair. You have to book appointments well in advance, but it is worth the wait and the price. My other favorite stylist at Hair Peace is Steve. Since having Hair Peace cut my hair, I refuse to wear it straight. Naturally curly all the way!

Reviewed on 07.09.10

Stylist: Bruce

I have been to dozens of hair stylists all over the US in search of someone who can cut, style and tame my thick, frizzy, curly hair. Bruce is the best. He has an amazing talent for working with curly hair and styling it naturally. He's also a wonderful, warm person to work with.

Reviewed on 04.27.10

Stylist: Bruce

Bruce totally rocks! Yes, you do have to schedule your appointments with him well in advance, but it so worth the wait! Bruce has been my primary stylist since I moved to Florida, even before I moved to Jacksonville! We won't go into how long that was, but it was before Bruce opened Hair Peace! He is wonderful and will work with you to get the look YOU want. The rest of the stylists are awesome too! But, it is Bruce that I trust my hair to.

Reviewed on 11.30.09

Stylist: Bruce

I went to Bruce because he had so many good reviews. I am a VERY happy client. He was very helpful, and he explained everything he was doing and why he was doing it. My hair is gorgeous now. Hooray for Bruce!

Reviewed on 03.01.09

Stylist: Bruce

After reading these reviews, I scheduled an appointment with Bruce, I had to wait 3 weeks for an opening because he was so booked up. I have to tell you, I agree with all the reviews about him. He is amazing. My hair has or had been butchered by a women in one of those assembly line hair places and my hair cut was awful. Bruce was able to work with cut to make it look really nice until it can grow out some for him to shape it. Just a warning though, I don't know how much other girls are used to paying for a hair cut, but his flat fee is $85, I almost fainted when I went to pay. I am a pretty frugal person, but I and my boyfriend think he is well worth the money. Bruce gives you more than just a hair cut and style, it is like a private class for your own personal hair care. I already have my next appointment scheduled in 3 months!

Reviewed on 02.13.09

Stylist: Bruce

After reading the reviews, I too decided to try out a Deva Cut with Bruce! I actually let him cut over 8 inches of my hair off the first time I went to him. The haircut is awesome and he couldn't be a nicer, professional guy that listens to your every need. I highly recommend him and I will continue to go back. He is booked so get your appts well in advance!

Reviewed on 06.08.08

Stylist: Bruce

I found Bruce via this website and trusted the reviews that I read. I was not let down. I had my hair cut by him 2 weeks ago and loved the entire experience! I actually cut 9 inches off so I really trusted you all! I love the Deva cut and I really appreciated the time that Bruce and the rest of his staff took with me. It was a wonderful experience and I can't wait to return! The actual cut gets better as the days pass! As a side note, it takes a while to get an appt with Bruce so call well ahead of time.

Reviewed on 05.21.08

Stylist: Bruce

I have thick, frizzy, curly hair and travel throughout the US. During my travels have tryed many different stylists. Bruce at Hair Peace gave me the best haircut and instruction on how to manage my hair. Bruce is truly a hair style artist with a warm, wonderful personality. I highly recommend him.

Reviewed on 03.24.08

Stylist: Bruce

I visited Bruce upon reading another review about him. My hair has been frizzled for god knows how long, and I knew it needed alot of love. I was very nervous, having never had my hair cut by a 'real' professional. Well, since then I've vowed never to go back to hair cuttery! Bruce is wonderful. My hair used to be flat and uninteresting. He cut, tossed it and made me look like a new girl! He also gave me techniques to quench my hair and nuture it back to health!He's the sweetest most approachable person/hair dresser in the world. Like many other curly girls before me, I can happily say I'm now a loyal customer!

Reviewed on 03.23.08

Stylist: Bruce

Upon moving to Jacksonville in 2003 I immediately sent out to find a stylist that would actually listen to my curl concerns and gain my trust. For almost 2 years Bruce has been nurturing my hair back to health, cutting and styling with Deva Curl products. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better he actually obtained training in cutting the Deva Curl way! I have never been happier. I am only one of many 'curly girls' that wouldn't dream of letting anyone but Bruce near our curls - even my husband is adament that I stay close to this salon!! Bruce is extremely talented - and the atmosphere of his salon and staff always make for a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Reviewed on 06.02.07