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Stylist: Kat


Reviewed on 08.31.14

Stylist: Kat

I have 28 hair. Kat started with cutting my hair dry and paying attention to individual curls and my specific curl pattern. Then she evened out my layers, I had not had a hair cut for almost 2 years! It has been 3 days since my cut and I am loving what is happening and how my hair is laying. I have shoulder length hair with some layers underneath that are stubborn and will not curl. Kat mentioned to me that she may be switching salons as some point. Just call Tirzah to check first.

Reviewed on 08.23.14

Stylist: Kat

I have search my whole life, for a stylist that could cut my long naturally curly hair without distroying it. I never thought that by having my hair butchered, that I would find my stylist. I went into a well known salon in my town to get a trim on length and layers. The woman used a razor to layer my hair. I was so upset when I walked out of that salon. My husband knew of a newer salon in town (that I had been curious about) and immediately called. He told Kat what had just happened to my hair and she immediately squeezed me in to her schedule. She performed a miracle on my hair that day. However, the damage from the other woman took two cuts to clean up. That was almost two years ago. I will never let anyone besides Kat touch my hair, again. Kat knows my hair so well now, that she just flies through my cuts. I recommend her to everyone. She is wonderful.

Reviewed on 01.24.11