2832 Col Glenn Highway
Dayton, OH 45324, United States

Stylist: Marie

I have had three great cuts from her. One time I got home, washed my hair a couple of times, and noticed a piece in the back that was just a smidge longer than the rest...I returned to the salon, but my stylist wasn't there. So another stylist made time to fix my hair. To me, this is what a professional salon is all about. Such wonderful customer service. Prices are good, parking is easy.

Reviewed on: 18.11.08

Stylist: Colleen Andes

Colleen was great -- I went to her after a butch job up in Huber Heights -- she was awesome at helping fix the mistakes cut into my hair...she worked with me to get the color I was looking for, and was always checking in on me the next day to make sure I was happy.

Reviewed on: 20.07.07