40 South Park Avenue
Rockville Centre, NY 11570, United States

Stylist: Lucille

I go to Hair Machine to see LUCILLE. I wouldn't trust my hair color to anyone else. She always makes my hair look great - shiny and healthy. She is friendly, professional, and talented. I have never been disappointed. Go to LUCILLE...you will be happy you did.

Reviewed on: 17.06.11

Stylist: Phil

Phil is a great colorist. He is really attentive to what look you are aiming to achieve and does not overdo it. A bonus: he's very friendly and makes amazing cookies!

Reviewed on: 22.12.09

Stylist: Julie

I decided to get my hair cut by Julie after reading all about her on this website and was very glad that I did. I, too, have naturally curly hair and have always been disappointed in the past. Julie not only knows how to cut curly hair, she actually takes the time to really listen to you. She is very knowledgable in figuring out what style suits your face and personality. She is energetic, fun, professional, but most of all very talented at her job. I will definately be using her again and highly recommend her to anyone who has naturally curly hair. Jackie---January 16, 2009

Reviewed on: 17.01.09

Stylist: Julie

Love, love, love my new haircut. Julie really is fantastic. I had shoulder-length curly hair and when I arrived at the salon, she took time to hear and view the looks I was going for and was honest about what would work for my face and hair. She confided in me that she has naturally curly hair, too. Reaffirming that she knows exactly what how curly hair behaves when it's wet and when it's cut. That was reassuring. (Can't tell you how many times I've gone to stylists in the past and they knew NOTHING about the nature of curly hair. I used to wind up with the worst cuts. I haven't been to a salon in years because of that!) Anyway, she sat me in her chair and did her magic. As she cut, she asked me my opinion about how the hair was looking. She wanted my input. I told her that I wanted a much shorter cut (she didn't want me to be unhappy with all the hair she cut off, so she started slowly). When I told her to 'go for it', she did and I got the exact look that I wanted. The haircut is perfect. I'm so happy. Thank you, Julie!

Reviewed on: 29.08.08

Stylist: Anita

Anita KNOWS color. Seriously talented. She also knows volumes about coloring and caring for curly frizzy hair!

Reviewed on: 28.03.08

Stylist: Julia

Julia approached me with energy and enthusiasm. She just " couldn't wait to get her hands on my hair". My thick mane has received mix reviews in the past, and I was tentitive at first. Her confidence put me at ease. I showed her some pics and basically let her do her thing. I walked in in about 13 inches of lifeless and layerless hair. I walked out with an amazing cut, ABOVE my SHOULDERS with incredible shape and definition. I am completely sold!. I am going back in a week to get colored by Anita. It is an incredible feeling to be happy after a cut!

Reviewed on: 22.03.08

Stylist: julie

At the suggestion of what others have wrote on this site, I decided to make an appointment with Julie. My hair is very thick, course, curly/wavy and had been chemically straightened close to a year ago. Julie cut my hair on Friday. All weekend my hair was soooooo manageable and looked wonderful. She knew how to get the bulkiness out and my hair has never looked so good or been so manageable. I look forward to getting my haircut with her again. Thank all of you so much who posted about her. She is a GREAT find.

Reviewed on: 18.06.07

Stylist: Lugene

I recently had my hair done at this salon by Lugene. She was awesome.I am very fussy about my hair. She is a true professional. It is hard to find a hairdreeser who does your hair perfect, but I found one.Go see Lugene you will be very happy you did.

Reviewed on: 30.04.07

Stylist: Lucille

I had my hair colored by Lucille based on a recommendation I read on this website. She is so AMAZING! She gave me natural looking highlightes without drying out my hair. Other salons made my hair feel like straw. I am getting compliments that my hair looks so healthy and shinny. She referred me to Marcy for a hair cut. She took the time to find out what I wanted and made me look great. I am very happy with my visit to Hair Machine.

Reviewed on: 21.04.07

Stylist: Anita

When it comes to artistry with hair color, there is only one person that comes to mind - Anita. She has done amazing things with my hair that have made people literally stop in the middle of a conversation to comment on my highlights. I have been stopped in Trader Joes supermarket, on the street, in parking lots, and I have been questioned by other hair dressers who are always impressed with the high quality of the way the color was applied. Since I have curly/wavy hair it is sometimes challenging to find a stylist that will give me a cut that will flatter my looks. Marcy has been highly recommended and I plan on using her for my next cut. If you are in the market for a fresh look and one that will absolutely enhance the quality of your life....go to the hair machine and see Anita. She will AMAZING you with her talent.

Reviewed on: 16.03.07

Stylist: Julie

I went to this salon since Julie has left Peter Frank and is now at the Hair Machine and let me tell you what a great expierence it was.The staff here is very professional,the salon is beautiful. Julie has always done such a great job on my hair. She is a true artist. I also had my color done by Lucille and was extremly happy. Thank god I have Julie and now my new colorist Lucille. Visit this salon you will be extremly happy.

Reviewed on: 13.01.07