2232 W Great Neck Road
Virginia Beach, VA , United States

Stylist: Lauren

I called Papillon because of the great recommendations Kelly received. Unfortunately, Kelly was no longer working there, so the receptionist told me I should go with Lauren. Putting aside my misgivings, I let her cut my hair. I'm writing this to warn other curly-heads out there--don't get your hair cut by Lauren. I have a very bad haircut right now. I even gave her a second chance to fix it, but she didn't listen to what I wanted--she did what she wanted, and my hair came out worse.

Reviewed on: 18.10.07

Stylist: Kelly

Kelly is a life saver!!! She is the only I've ever trusted cutting my thick curly hair. Everytime I go into Papillon, she knows just what to do. I always leave satisfied! Not only does she cut curly hair she does fantastic color!! Anyone looking for a fun and talented stylist, I recommend seeing Kelly!

Reviewed on: 01.07.07

Stylist: Kelly

Kelly who was mentioned under Studio 2000 is totally awesome!! I never trusted anyone with my hair because it's way too curly and thick, but everytime I've gone to Kelly she knows just what to do and I am always satisfied. She also does great color!! So if you're in VB, definitely look her up!

Reviewed on: 21.06.07