200 City Center suite H
Oshkosh, WI , United States

Stylist: Loretta

I tried Loretta after reading this review. She is excellent. Has great ideas, and explains them, then asks if I want to try. She gave me an awesome haircut and did what I wanted. Uses a lot of product, then lets you know what it was, and lets you decide if you want to buy anything. Very nice gal, great experience.

Reviewed on: 03.12.08

Stylist: Loretta

I went to Trillium after reading the reviews on this website. I wanted to make an appointment with Tricia due to her reviews, but she doesn't work on Saturdays. On the recommendation of the receptionist I made an appointment with Loretta. Well, she was excellent. She cut my hair exactly how I'd asked. I was nervous because of her straight hair, but she seems to very knowledgable about how to work with curly hair. She was also very personable and I enjoyed talking to her. She showed me which Aveda products she used in my hair, but was not at all pushy. I did buy the curl clamer stuff, because I liked the way it tamed my frizz. I will definitely be making my next appointment with Loretta.

Reviewed on: 04.02.07