26 Lincoln St
Newton Highlands, MA 02461, United States



Stylist: Lily

I love Lily. She has given me the best haircuts of my life! She totally understands curls (and I have a *lot* of really curly hair). She is able to give me long layers that allow me to wear my hair all down without the dreaded pyramid head! She is great!

Reviewed on: 23.03.10

Stylist: Torrie

I had been recommended to see Torrie through a coworker who also went to Torrie. My coworker has wavy hair, but certainly not long, thick curls like my own but she swore up and down that Torrie could take care of me. I figured I'd give it a shot since I was used to bad haircuts anyway. Well I was pleasantly surprised after seeing Torrie! No one has ever texturized my hair specifically for curls before. My hair always looks like a triangle, and Torrie really took care of that. My hair has never looked so good! Needless to say, I'll be back to Davis for my haircuts from now on! And by the way- They have SO MANY different types of curl products!

Reviewed on: 15.12.08

Stylist: Carolyn

Went to this salon after reading the review here, but the stylist recommended wasn't available. Fortunately, the front desk staff were great and knew all the stylists strengths and were able to recommend a different stylist who was also great with curly hair. Carolyn has super curly, yet fine, hair herself, so she really knew what she was doing. She was meticulous while cutting and blow-drying my hair and explained everything she was doing and gave me tons of tips on how to deal with different problems my hair has. This was the first time I had actually sat down before a cut and made a list of questions I wanted to ask, so I had a lot of them, but she was very patient and seemed to really want to help me learn how to take care of my hair on my own so it always looks as good as it did when I left. Highly recommended!

Reviewed on: 27.08.08

Stylist: Lily

Lily is amazing! She has curly/wavy hair so she gets it completely. She has cut my hair several times and is attentive to length, poof factor, frizz issues and the dreaded triangle head (you know when your hair looks like a big, dense, curly triangle stuck onto your head). Lily is great with long, medium and short hair (she has cut mine at each length) and her cuts grow out fabulously. They also have some great products there for curly hair. I highly suggest you give Lily a ring if you have rings.

Reviewed on: 25.04.08