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Stylist: Neel

Having moved from Christchurch to Melbourne I was delighted to find this website and it's recommendations for people with curly hair. Neel and his passion for curly hair is amazing, I can't say enough in his favor. I would thoroughly recommend Neel to anyone with curly hair, he works really hard to come up with a style suitable to your hair type and face shape. He takes the time to get to know your hair, your routines etc and works in a style that works for you. Really really happy!

Reviewed on 07.09.11

Stylist: Neel

hi there.. this is neel himself. i have had to join this because lure salon has been bought and they are going to bulid a boring block of flats on it and the owner is cutting back on staff. i truly love cutting curly hair.i am looking for a new salon to work in around the fitzroy area. i cut curly hair to be worn as curly hair and i cut it dry. i have made a facebook page called 'neel hair' if you need to get hold of me.

Reviewed on 06.11.11

Stylist: Neel

Being new to Melbourne and finding Neel on this website I was looking forward to seeing if the glowing reviews were accurate on May 21 2011. They were accurate and I have to also agree that Neel is the guru of curly hair and knows his stuff. He's passionate about curly hair and creating styles that people can manage at home He started the appointment with an in depth consultation about my hair routine (shower, wash and go - definitely not into products or blow drying ). He explained how he would cut my hair, he illustrated the rationale to each of his cutting techniques to me as he went along (even getting me to put my glasses on so I could see). The end product is lovely - my two main problem areas look a lot softer and in control. I will definitely be back - looking forward to getting some funky highlights to help hide and blend the grey next time. Like many of the women on this forum I have spent a lot of time fighting my curl and getting bad cuts from stylists who couldn't handle my "strong hair". I am now going to embrace the curl and highly recommend Neel to anyone who has curly wavy hair.

Reviewed on 05.21.11

Stylist: Neel

Neel LOVES curly hair and prefers it to all other hair types. He has a fantastic method where he cuts you hair dry to ensure that he doesn't take too much off and gets a real idea of your hair shape. I would recommend him to anyone with curly hair who is nervous about getting their hair cut. He will put you at ease :)

Reviewed on 02.06.11