Rage Hair Salon

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Baton Rouge
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Stylist: Eric Kelley

Thanks for all the nice reviews you guys have posted of me on here. I am Eric, formerly of Rage, but I've since moved and am now working on my own. I'm still using all the DevaCURL products and the techniques they trained me on in NYC. Please call me at 225-938-1132 to schedule your appointment with me!

Reviewed on 10.24.13

Stylist: Eric Kelley

Eric Kelley knows his curls! I went to see Eric just by the review I found on this site and I was NOT disappointed. Finally the best and it didn't require a flight to New York! Eric was trained in the Deva cut in New York and he is amazing. Go and see him. You will be thankful you did. Kim

Reviewed on 08.18.12

Stylist: Eric Kelley

I have been to five curly hair stylists since I discovered how to take care of my curly hair. Eric Kelley is the best of them all. First of all he listened to me. I have some curls that are tight and others that are loose. If you have never worked with my hair before you would not notice the difference in the curls. The curls on the back of my head are so tight, yet when they are wet they are so long. I told Eric not to cut my hair in the back and he listened and did not cut where I asked him not to cut. I don't know how it is for you but I have found it very hard to find a stylist who actually listens to what you say and follows through as directed. He absolutely understands and knows how to cut curly hair. I wouldn't go anywhere else to have my hair cut. This is the second time I drove 1 1/2 hours to see Eric because the rest of the curly hair stylists in New Orleans really don't know how to give a good dry hair cut. They say they specialize in curly hair but as far as I know Eric is the only person in New Orleans or Baton Rogue who has actually been trained by Deva to give curly hair cuts. I highly recommend him. You won't be disappointed.

Reviewed on 02.07.11