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Stylist: Staff

Hi everyone, it's Gretchen Owner of Salon Bliss. After 15 years the salon has closed it's doors as of 10/8/17. We have had so many amazing experiences and will continue to serve our curly girls. I can be found at 

Lawrence Roth Salon, 619 N. 19th Street, Allentown Pa. 610-740-0190



Thank you all so much for the love and support over the years !!!

Reviewed on: 18.10.17

Stylist: Gretchen

Gretchen was amazing.  She shaped my hair to look like it never has before.  She taught me tips on how to achieve the look she gave me in the salon.  So far I have been doing really well with keeping up with my new look.  She is really nice and smart about curly hair.  I will def be going to her again in 10 weeks!

Reviewed on: 20.08.14

Stylist: Melissa

After reading all the positive reviews I had to check this place out, especially since my hair was over a year and a half overdue for a haircut! The place is located on the ground floor, and it's quite small BUT the service is incredible. Melissa was such a sweetheart, asked me questions to figure out how to cut my hair and made sure to let me know what she was doing to my hair, from washing and conditioning it, to styling. Not to mention I picked up a few DevaCurl products while I was there. I will definitely be returning to get more layers in my hair!

Reviewed on: 21.02.14

Stylist: Gretchen

After searching for years, I finally found the salon for me! My curls look better than ever & I couldn't be happier! From the complimentary beverage, to the beautiful color & cut. Such a friendly staff & Gretchen is so knowledgable on curly hair. This place is a gem!

Reviewed on: 09.06.13

Stylist: Lilly

Amazing cut/styling from Lilly!!!!!!! Started going here and went to Tricia first, but then after Tricia left, Lilly took over as my stylist--she is so nice, accommodating and helpful with recommending products for my hair. Great prices too!

Reviewed on: 12.03.12

Stylist: Gretchen

Salon Bliss has moved location to a bigger and better new salon. Our new address is 2535 Mickley Ave. in Whitehall, Pa 18052 our new Phone number is 484-221-8192 and our new email is salon@salonbliss.net. our website is stll the same www.salonbliss.net Thank You and we look forward to meeting you!! Gretchen Salon Bliss Owner

Reviewed on: 23.01.11

Stylist: Gretchen

Gretchen is a pro at the Deva Curl cut! I've had other stylists (at this salon and other salons) that gave me good cuts but not GREAT ones. Well, Gretchen gives a great cut! She really took my face shape into consideration, and allowed me to leave the length while cutting out the bulk. My hair looks longer AFTER the cut than it did before because of the more flattering shape. I love my cut and look forward to my next cut with Gretchen. :)

Reviewed on: 23.09.10

Stylist: Christy

I am new to the state & researched before finding a salon to cut my 52 year old curly hair. This is the 2nd time I went to this salon. The 1st time I had Gretchen cut my hair back in April '10. I wasn't 100% thrilled with it, it seemed a bit uneven & she cut way too much off the length, but I was able to live with it. Gretchen was very nice & friendly & somewhat explained what the Deva cut was. In June I felt like I needed a trim so I made another appt, spoke with Gretchen & figured I'd discuss what I wasn't happy with as far as the last haircut. Lo & behold I get there for my appt & I'm handed over to one of the newer stylist's, Christy. I discussed with her what my curl issues were, she explained her strategy & started snipping away without any rhyme or reason I could understand. I still couldn't figure out the strategy with the Deva cut. I left there very unhappy with my hair cut. As it is growing out I have chunks missing near the neckline & she cut it super short at the crown where I can't pull my hair into a ponytail w/o having horns pop up. I've straight ironed more in the past 2 months than I have in the past 2 years. I called & left a message for Gretchen who was busy moving the salon, but she called me back in a week & left me a message saying to come in because I may need a few "stray hairs tweaked" (which she had told me after my 1st haircut to do if I found after I washed & styled it). I certainly did not need more hair cut off that's for sure. I do not care for the Deva cut, or perhaps it's this particular stylist that has scarred me. I haven't had a bad curly cut in many, many years & I am now dealing with a mess & waiting for it to grow out. I have had the "other curly cut" in the past & loved it. It's more expensive but you get what you pay for that's for sure! So I will save my money & find a salon in the area that will give me a proper curly haircut!

Reviewed on: 24.08.10

Stylist: Gretchen

Curly Girls! Gretchen is awesome. She is a Deva goddess and gives the best curly cut. I get so many compliments on my hair. She really spends her time to get to know your hair and the look you want. Then she "just does it" and it's perfect every time. If you've got curls, you need Gretchen!

Reviewed on: 14.09.09

Stylist: Lilly

I am so happy I gave the salon a chance, even after reading only 1 neg. review. She helped me understand my very curly hair. This was the first time I didn't have to go home to redo my hair before going anywhere after leaving a salon. I will never let anybody but Lilly cut or trim my hair again. She reshaped it to fit my lifestyle. This is the first time anyone cared about my needs and spent time with me. I felt like she has known me forever. I would like to tell everyone with curly hair, go see Lilly. You will be happy. I love my hair!!!!!

Reviewed on: 24.06.09

Stylist: Gretchen

All I can say about this salon is, it is a go-to salon. So much is good about it. I cannot compare it to another curl salon, but I know this place met and exceeded my expectations. Great attitude and dry cut by the owner and devachan trained Gretchen.

Reviewed on: 01.05.09

Stylist: Lilly

After reading the wonderful comments here I was excited to call and make an appt. Unfortunately, the results were not at all suited to my hair type (or any type) and I've been forced to blow my hair straight until this "cut" grows out. :( After years of straightening my hair I was really ready to go natural, so I'm very sad about the results. Lilly and I talked about my hair type and she looked at my hair closely (my hair was all one length to my shoulders) but then she cut the canopy of my hair up to my ears and very uneven on each side. She cut very quickly and a lot off at each cut. Underneath my hair isn't as curly so now I have a curly mop on the top of my head and straggly looking hair from my ears to my shoulders. Not a good look! My husband and son were so shocked when I came home and my husband said he hoped I hadn't paid for the cut that it was truly awful (and he never says stuff like that!). I have to say Lilly was very nice and the price was reasonable, but... I'm sorry to say I would not recommend her to any one. I'm still very happy I joined this website. Before my hair was cut this way I had great results from the products and tips that were recommended for my hair type. Hopefully by this summer I can use them again and go back to being my curly self!

Reviewed on: 10.02.09

Stylist: Gretchen

I moved to the Lehigh Valley area alittle over a year ago and have been very unsuccessful in finding a salon. I am African American with type 3c hair and has never had a good experience with a stylist that was not African American. I found Salon Bliss through naturallycurly.com and made an appointment. My stylist was Gretchen and I was so nervious about my appointment I went to see Gretchen a couple of days before my appointment to let her see my her and ask her some questions. To my surprise Gretchen was not African American which made my fear factor go up even more, but I decided to keep my appointment anyway. I am so glad I did. I hair cut I recieved was GREAT. She used DevaCurl no poo shampoo and Deva Heaven in Hair condidtioner. One word fabulous. It works great in my hair. I have found a stylist that I will continue with and recommend.

Reviewed on: 30.12.08

Stylist: Lily

Finally! A hair stylist that understands what my hair needed! I have tried going to other places and even to hairstylists with curly hair, and hadn't had success--until now! woo hoo! I am never going back to a "regular" stylist again! Thanks so much!!!

Reviewed on: 13.07.08

Stylist: Lilly

You girls have saved my curls! Thanks so much. It was the first time I left the salon and didn't have to do my hair over when I got home. My curls are now soft, manageable, and defined. I've gotten so many complements on the cut! I can give my blow dryer a much needed break. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!! Lissette

Reviewed on: 21.06.07

Stylist: Lilly

After reading good recommendations on this site, I decided to call and got an appointment with Lilly. Lilly spent a lot of time talking to me about my hair. I had recently gotten a bad haircut, and it had the dreaded "mushroom effect". Lilly knew exactly what to do to make my hair look as if it is growing down--not outward! Lilly was very kind and spent a lot of time talking with me and made me feel very at ease. As a fellow curly-head herself, she totally understood how frustrating bad haircuts can be! Both Lilly and the other stylist (Gretchen) have been trained by Deva Curl to do the "dry cut" and also sell their products. Lilly also spent a lot of time showing me how to use the products and the clips to achieve a good style for my hair. If you're from the area, I would HIGHLY recommend this salon. While it is technically in Catasaqua, it is minutes from Lehigh Valley Mall and McArthur Road (less than a mile away). The salon is very nice, in a quaint part of town. And another great thing is their prices! A cut was only $35! What a breath of fresh air after spending over $125 at a Ouidad affiliate and not getting as nice of a cut. I am so happy that I found a salon that I will use for life!

Reviewed on: 04.05.07

Stylist: Lilly

Lilly is the best with curly hair has been trained in new york and she has curly hair herself so she understands .i never had my hair done where i did'nt have to redo it when i got home until i meet lilly. check her out you will not be sorry

Reviewed on: 15.03.07

Stylist: Gretchen/Lilly

FINALLY! I found a stylist, (actually 2!), that will work with my hair. For the first time in ,my life I left the salon and went out to dinner. I did not need to go home and "re-do" my hair. They are fun and really know their stuff. I have tried Salons from PA to GA. Beleive me I have been around the block with cuts and chemical treatments of all kinds. Why pay $100 or more for a cut in the city, (BWI, PHL, NYC). This place is only a few minutes form Leigh Valley Mall. Check them out!

Reviewed on: 12.10.06

Stylist: Gretchen & Lilly

Both ladies have curly hair themselves. So they understand frizz and frustration. Once you have them do your hair you can't wait to tell all your friends curly or straight! Recently discovering Deva products has made their job even more fun. It brings out the true nature of curly hair and keeps it very healthy.

Reviewed on: 14.06.06

Stylist: Gretchen

Gretchen is great w/ curly hair! I tell all my friends about her. When someone approaches me when I'm out, I tell GRTETCHEN. She is a curly girl herself, so she understands. The salon carries Deva Products. She has also been to New York to become certified as a curly hair expert, by the people who make DevaCurl. The salon is fun and they are teamed up w/ her husband's photo studio Called Hugo Studios for before and after shots.

Reviewed on: 14.06.06