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Stylist: Nick

I have had the same hairdresser for 20+ years - but I decided to go "natural" and Nick gave me my first official "curly girl" cut - and it is great! I think I've found my new hairdresser for the next 20+ years!

Reviewed on: 24.05.14

Stylist: Nick

I took a chance on yet another salon to try and make something out of my very curly, unruly hair. I was not expecting much, and was surprised by what happened. Really couldn't believe the transformation. NICK is a magician with curly hair. He knows all about it and he has curly hair himself. I had to send him a thank you note after, to tell him that I waited 59 years for a good haircut. I would highly recommend him.

Reviewed on: 04.04.14

Stylist: Tony Jacobsen

A former Moda stylist recommended that I get a cut from Tony. She said he truly understands curly hair and that stylists at the salon attend periodic Aveda training sessions. Right when I arrived for my appointment, Tony sat me down to discuss my hair and what I wanted it to do. Now, I have curly hair, so I really can never get a "style." This has been my problem at other salons; if I don't give a stylist clear direction, and because 99% of stylists don't understand hair that isn't straight, I end up with hair that I grumble about until it grows out. I always thought it was my fault that I couldn't tell a stylist what to do. After seeing Tony, I know that a great stylist will tell me how he or she sees my hair. Some people might not like losing control of their hair like that, but an educated stylist's opinion has been all I ever wanted! Tony cut and styled my hair in so little time! He's so good you won't spend forever in the chair. His services are not inexpensive, but the quality was five-star, so I rated the value as above average. The only drawback to my visit at Moda was the woman who shampooed my hair; she chatted with other stylists while cleaning my hair, which made me feel like I wasn't even there. Of course, I don't want anyone chatting with me while my hair's being shampooed, but I appreciate when a shampooer seems like he or she is paying attention.

Reviewed on: 11.10.08