200 Middle Neck Road #6
Great Neck, NY 11021, United States

Stylist: MARLENE

I just typed an aritcle about how this woman really knows how to cut hair. (and it got earased)So I'm going to be brief. RUN don't walk to see Marlene! I have found a stylist for life! My husband is gaga over it and I have had MANY double takes because my hair is beautiful now. I have spent close to $1000 for my hair in one day and it doesn't come close to my new wash and wear hair. Now I look like my hairstylist moved in with me. Great everyday!! I am only sorry that it took me this long to find MARLENE! Thanks to the other girls who posted here. Boy did they get it right!

Reviewed on: 07.07.07

Stylist: Marlene

I have had long, curly hair for my entire life. I have also been going to the same stylist in my hometown for last 15 years, who has only trimmed my ends. Recently, I decided to cut my hair to shoulder length. I also moved to Great Neck and was traveling to my hometown for my haircuts because of the trust that I had in my stylist (not many good curly hair stylists around). At this point, I was devastated. I wore my hair back every day and even began straightening it. When curly my hair looked droppy and the shape of my hair seemed as if I was wearing a wig, just awful! I did not know what to do, so I turned to the naturallycurly.com website to search for a professional in the Great Neck area. This is where I found Marlene. I made an appointment right away and she worked her magic on my hair. Marlene added layers to my hair that gave my curls a new life! I feel like I have never looked better. Since my haircut with Marlene, I have had nothing but compliments from everyone that I run into. I am very looking forward to my next haircut with Marlene. Thank you! From the other Marlene :)

Reviewed on: 13.10.06

Stylist: Marlene

I went to this salon and requested this stylist based on the recommendations I read on this website. I was not disappointed! I have very thick, corkscrew curls that were in serious need of a cut and she worked wonders. Even now, about a month and a half after I got my hair cut from Marlene, my hair has grown out nicely and still has the cut and style that she gave without any horrible frizz. I will recommend Marlene to anyone. I used to get my hair cut in the city by someone wonderful, but now that I am based on Long Island, I no longer have to make the trek!

Reviewed on: 04.05.06