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Winter Park, FL 32789, United States

katie brown


Stylist: Arlene

This was the second Deva Cut I've had in my life and Arlene is freaking amazing! She's very experienced, knowledgable, sweet and fun. I really wanted to change my look and get a different style than I've had for the last few years. Arlene listened and did exactly that. I love my new cut and its still functional for my needs. I will certainly be returning to her for more cuts. I'd gone to Angela at Primp a couple of years ago, but she wanted to impose on me her style for my hair, that made me very uncomfortable because when I moved my hair to how I liked it she changed it back; twice. it was just odd. Arlene is great, go to her! don't think about it, just go.

Reviewed on: 03.07.14

Stylist: Arlene

I have been a client of Arlene's for more than three years. We began with coloring and relaxers and have transitioned to naturally curly. From my first visit and it continues today more than three years later, Arlene includes educating me about my hair with equal importance as styling my hair. She has taught me about the versatility of my hair, how to manage it, and the approparite products to use to maintain healthy hair.

Reviewed on: 30.09.11

Stylist: Debby Campbell

Us curly haired gals know how hard it is to find the perfect haircut. After getting butchered at other salons, I finally found Salon Ciseaux and Debby Campbell. Debby is truly the best stylist I have ever had. She is innovative, and I always come home looking and feeling fabulous. Plus, Salon Ciseaux always carries the best products.

Reviewed on: 30.09.11

Stylist: Ryan DeLaRosa

Just wanted to update my previous review about Ryan DeLaRosa. Ciseaux is a GREAT salon and you will not be disappointed if you go there but the stylist that I reviewed (Ryan) has opened his own salon called Halo Salon-Spa.

Reviewed on: 04.09.11

Stylist: Ryan DeLaRosa

I went to Salon Ciseaux after reading reviews on this site, and I was absolutely not disappointed. Ryan was great! Every cut I got before this one made me look like a poorly groomed poodle, so I went for years without going near a stylist. My hair went from limp and shapeless (unless frizz counts as a shape) to fantastic. I definitely recommend Salon Ciseaux and Ryan to anyone with curls.

Reviewed on: 19.06.11

Stylist: Ryan DeLaRosa

Ryan has cut my hair for years and always done a really great job but I found out today that he's recently been Ouidad certified. Ryan and I have developed a great stylist/client relationship over the years so when he recommended I get a Ouidad cut, I jumped on board. I kind of thought the carve and slice method was a bit of hype but it is not. My curl formation is better, lighter and lively than before. I was already familiar with Ouidad products so trying the cut was the next natural step. When I got home, my son said, "Oh you got your hair cut. What's different? That's the best it's every looked." I have 3B curls and I really believe this method is the best for this type of hair. Cathy was working on another curly head and her client had less curl than me but as I watched, her curls started forming and her hair looked fabulous! I have been going to Salon Ciseaux for years and the fact that they are Ouidad certified is the icing on the cake to me. They have all the products available (other great brands too!) and FOUR Ouidad certified stylists as of today. I hope other Orlando area curlies will beat a path to this salon and ask for Ryan!

Reviewed on: 21.05.11

Stylist: Catherine Imbesi-Lotz

My sister has had curly hair since the day she was born in 1966. At that time, in the year of the Brady Bunch and "Marsha, Marsha Marsha", it was VERY uncool. While everyone else, including myself were wearing our hair straight down like Marsha or in pigtails and ponytails, she was struggling to figure out what to do. Since then, she completely turned that disadvantage to an advantage. She started doing hair on over-sized Barbie doll heads when we were young and then continued on to become a hair stylist and then own a hair salon for over 20 years. Her kinky curly hair is HOT now and she gets many stares by people all the time. She has been compared to Sarah Jessica Parker with her cool locks and trendy fashion. Upbeat, compassionate and creative....she is the best hair stylist to win this contest!

Reviewed on: 16.02.11

Stylist: Ryan DeLaRosa

Ryan is awesome! I just started going to him a few months ago, and he has made my hair look fantastic! He really takes the effort to make sure you get what you want, and he makes your hair (and you) look and feel gorgeous!

Reviewed on: 21.12.10

Stylist: Catherine and Arlene

They really know curls! I felt like I got an incredible education talking to them. Definitely check them out.

Reviewed on: 07.06.09