2514 Glendale Ave
Green Bay, WI 54313, United States

Stylist: Angela

Angela does a great job with my hair and makes my curls look their best! I used to hate my curls, but now I love them!

Reviewed on: 29.01.11

Stylist: Kristie

I went to this salon for the Ouidad cut. The place is very nice and the staff is great as well. I walked out with my Ouidad cut, but it was the absolute worst style I had ever had in my life. It was garish - after cutting with the Ouidad technique, she clipped up my chin length hair in sections and sat me under a dryer for half an hour, but it looked awful when it was dried. There were no curls, just this mess of ugly flat hair with tufts sticking up all over. I just hoped it would style up better at home and worked with it for three months without success. I use Ouidad products and love them, but the cut left my hair frizzy, flat, flyaway and lifeless. My hair is relatively thick with 3b curls. I have nice curl now that I got it recut at Dessange, and will not ever get a Ouidad cut again. Elements is a nice place, but the Ouidad cut did not work for my hair.

Reviewed on: 30.04.10

Stylist: Angela

I decided to make an appointment at this salon because I was curious about getting a "curly" cut. There are no Deva stylists in my area, so I searched on the Ouidad website and found this salon which is within an hour of where I was going to be staying with family for a weekend. I had a great experience! The receptionists were friendly and already knew my name when I came in. Angela was my stylist, and is one of (I think) two Ouidad certified stylists at the salon. She has beautiful curly hair, which was reassuring. She was also very friendly, and spent some time studying my hair and asking me lots of questions about it before shampooing me. During the cut she explained to me how she was cutting my hair and why. She also explained the best way to use the styling products. Only very, very, very small complaint was that she used a ton of gel which left my hair a wee bit crunchy. When she finished I had the most incredible spirals! She did talk up the Ouidad products, but did not pressure me to buy any. Overall, I really liked Angela and would definitely recommend her and the salon.

Reviewed on: 23.03.08