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User Reviews (11)

Stylist: Chantel

Rating: Salon Rating: 3 Scissors

I really liked the way my hair was styled here but I felt that the way my hair was cut left it too thin. I liked the volume I had and I was told this style focused on reducing bulk but I guess I wasn't prepared to have so much less hair! This was a few years ago and I havent gone back. If you really do need less bulk though this is the place to be!

Stylist: Chantel

Rating: Salon Rating: 1 Scissors

Went to the curly hair institute to obtain an experience,what experience chantel was covered head to toe in tattoos very gross very not perfectional, she told me I had a ledge that I needed to grow out,fine I let go of all my fears and trusted her:( hair cut was done my hair was so tight and ringlets that I've never seen before not to mention I also had bold spots in the back of my head. I will never go back here again thanks again chantel.

Stylist: Shada

Rating: Salon Rating: 2 Scissors

Shada is a nice girl and her cutting technique is fine, BUT perhaps being young, she still needs to work on communication. I went in with photos of myself in former styles that I liked and hair on my head that could be pulled into a ponytail. The hair I had yesterday and the hair in the photos was longer in the back than the front. This is technically a mullet, yes, but it is definitely not hockey hair, and it works for me. I like it like that. Although she agreed that the hair in the photos was nice, Shada scoffed at the term "mullet". I told her that I want to grow my hair and that I didn't want a big change. She assured me that I would not get a big change. SHE CUT OFF ALL MY HAIR. I look like a Roman bust and feel like a cabbage. It will take at least a year for my hair to grow back to what it was yesterday. Also, the product that they push there, Curl Keeper, is nothing to rave about. I imagine that for thick frizzy hair it may do wonders, but my hair is fine and I don't have a frizz problem. The result reminded me of my early experiments with mouse in junior high school. What do I take away from this experience? Well, I will definitely not be going back, nor probably to any other curly hair specialist. I think that Shada was over confident and I in turn put way too much confidence in her. If my hair were a lighter colour, I could join the cast of Golden Girls. This was a total waste of time and money.

Reviewed by janebo on 8.23.12

Stylist: Jonathan

I've been going to Jonathan for about 10 years and he is the very best curly hair stylist that I have ever been to. Unfortunately I live abour 4 hours away from Toronto so can't go there and as he is so busy it's difficult getting an appointment. But I have to at least once a year to restore my hair after other stylists nearer have ruined my hair. My hair is natural, fine, loose curls which he always makes me feel look terrific and the cuts last for months and months. His Curl Keeper product is my one bathroom cupboard & travel essential.

Reviewed by 121bw on 8.30.10

Stylist: Hiwot

I decided to give the Curly Hair Institute a try a few months ago after reading an article entitled "Curly Hair in Black and White." That article convinced me that I could trust my 4a/4b/3c hair to their stylists. Since Hiwot seemed to have good reviews, I decided to go with her. I was expecting to leave the salon with a cute new hair cut and new products and techniques that would be much healthier for my hair than hair gel. What did I get instead? A most horrible experience. Here's what happened: In the beginning of the appointment, I asked Hiwot if she had ever worked with hair similar to mine (tightly curly hair with several different textures). She assured me that she was trained to work with ALL kinds of hair including black people hair. Keeping in mind what I had read in the article, I felt like I could trust everything to work out just fine. How wrong I was. As Hiwot worked through my hair, and as I watched her technique through the mirror, I started to feel doubtful about my decision to go to that salon. The end results confirmed my doubts. My hair was a frizzy mess that was not even in a style. The shape was awful. When I shared my concerns with Hiwot, she told me that that was the best she could do and that Curl Keeper does not really work for black hair. Then she went back to attend to another client. Another stylist came over and started blow-drying the front piece of my hair without even saying a single word to me. Other staff members kept on glancing at me and giving me uncomfortable smiles. Of course I felt so out of place, being the only one sitting there with horrid looking hair. In the end, Hiwot just dismissed me saying that the products don't work for my hair and that I should just go back to using whatever gel I was using before. Then she went on to her next client and I was left sitting there with a big frizzy, shapeless afro type style (which is not what I went there for). If I had been advised that Curl Keeper does not work for my kind of hair at the beginning of the appointment, or if I had been at least warned up front that there was only so much that could be done with my hair using the CHS products, I would have bothered. I would have cancelled the appointment right there. At the end of it all, my hair was STILL full of split ends and one side was longer than the other. Fortunately, I was granted a full refund of my money. I would not go back even if it was free. I'm sharing my experience because I'd hate for anyone else to go through the same horrid experience. If you've got 4a/4b hair, please save your money and time and go elsewhere.

Stylist: Hiwot

Pleasant person but I had a truly AWFUL experience - my hair was burned through bleaching/overprocessing (stuff left on too long), the cut made no sense and wasn't what I'd asked for, and my bangs were cut far too short so that of course when their curls dried, it practically looked like I had been shaved above my forehead. I will never go there again.

Stylist: Hiwot

I went to this salon approx. 3 weeks ago and I am very pleased with the results. I had previously visited Chiggy's (see review) while I liked the way my hair looked at the time, I did not like the fact that she said I could not wear my hair straight. Honestly, thinking back, the stylist cut chunks of my hair! Again, it looked good, but what if I wanted a change! Anyhow, I had been meaning to check this salon out since I buy my ck there but did not know who to book with. I booked with Hiwot based on this site, but you could really book with anyone there, there are that good!! I have now found my new hair salon and it I don't have to travel all the way downtown. I paid $80 and it was well worth it. I am going back in a few so that someone can do colour for me. My appt. was at 12 and I was done by 1:30pm. Hiwot devoted that entire time just for me demonstrating how much of each product to use and how to style my hair to get more volume on top. She was aware that I am very particular with products and CG so could not tell me any BS. Actually that is thanks to this board. She wrote everything down for me and CHI even contacted me a week later to see how I was managing and if I had any questions. I was very impressed and will definitely be going back and already have recommended 3 of my curly friends!!!

Stylist: Hiwot

I was a little worried about going - didn't know what to expect. From the moment I walked in the door it was just one of the friendliest places I've ever been. Hiwot was so easygoing and explained everything....asked me all sorts of questions about my hair - how I liked to wear it - how it behaved in humidity etc. Suggested some things and then went to work. LOVED, LOVED LOVED IT!!!!

Stylist: Hiwot

After reading on your website about Jonathan Torch's Curly Hair Institute I thought I'd give it a try. I drove 3 1/2 hours and was not disappointed at all. My hairstylist was Hiwot and she was wonderful. When I sat in her chair - she asked me tons of questions, what I liked about my hair, what I didn't like; how long have I been letting it go curly, all sorts of stuff. Then she touched it all over, lifting it up every which way - all this even before she washed my hair! She showed me how to apply his products and how much to use - even suggested that I lose my part that my hair would work well without it. Bottom line is I was absolutely thrilled with the results. The whole experience was great! What I found neat was that she suggested that I don't have it recut for at least 3 - 4 months! When I got on the Subway right after my appointment, the lady next to me told me she loved my hair - how awesome was that - having someone talk to you on the subway - let alone say something nice:)

Reviewed by Bricia on 3.5.08

Stylist: Nezia

I visited Jonathan Torch's salon in Toronto and was very pleased with the service! The salon has a welcoming atmosphere. Nezia was my stylist and she was wonderful! She showed me how to use the Curly Hair Solutions products to style my curls each day. I look forward to going back in a few months!

Reviewed by Guest on 3.18.07

Stylist: Nicole?

I really liked the outcome of my haircut and I will go back for another cut but I did not get the 2.5 hours I expected (and that the receptionist told me to expect) which was disappointing after expecting an "experience" and getting only a cut, mind you a good one. My stylist did show me how to blow dry my hair but only after I asked her to. Overall, it was a very good cut that has kept looking good for at least 5 months now and my hair has never looked as long and defined as it does now.

Reviewed by Guest on 12.27.06