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Stylist: Marlene Rodriguez

I went to Marlene because of her great reviews on this site. Just because someone has curly hair, does not mean they are an expert. Marlene is blissfully ignorant when it comes to shaping curly hair, and cutting methods. I has dumbfounded when she suggested "texerizing" with razor blades and those ugly thinning scissors. When the haircut hasn’t yet begun, and I feel like should walk-out—that is bad. Texturizing is a big NONO for informed curl heads like myself. I walked out of the salon with a very round head, and no fluidity between my unfortunate layers. I have a section of hair at the top of my head which is too short to blend in with the rest of the cut. I call it my "halo of hell." Curly galz, you have to find an artist who uses Lorrine Massy's methods (She wrote the book, "Curly Girl" and developed Deva hair products). I will only let my home stylest cut my hair from now on (she's in Portland, OR if anyone wants a wonderfuly cut for thier curls)

Reviewed on 02.17.07

Stylist: Marlene Rodriguez

Marlene has been doing my hair for 5 years and it has never looked BETTER. My wavy/curly hair also has never been longer because curly hair needs to be cut differently then straight. Marlene has curly hair herself and knows how, my hair is almost down to my waist now. My highlights are THE perfect blonde: they look as if I spent the summer in the carribean and the sun highlighted my hair. (my natural color of hair is dark brown which is very difficult to lighten to blonde without orange/brassiness in the color but Marlene did it!)

Reviewed on 12.30.06

Stylist: Marlene Rodriguez

Marlene has a incredible head of curls you will ever see. She did my hair of curls because as she says "curly hair must be cut in a special way." She gives me a perfect cut, color, and high-lighted hair. My sister just got her hair done with her and it looks terrific! She's amazing!

Reviewed on 10.29.06