36236 Emerald Coast PkwynSte A
Destin, FL 32541, United States

Stylist: Angela Moreland

I was really apprehensive about going to a new salon after having several disastrous haircuts since going CG. Angela put my mind at ease. On the phone, I explained what I wanted (dry cut, my own products) and she assured me it would be no problem and offered me extra time for a consult before the actual cut. When I arrived, she spent about 40 minutes with me on a consult. She asked me a lot of very specific questions about my routine, what types of products I liked, what my prior experience had been, and so on, before ever even touching my hair. When she did, she first checked my curl pattern, how my hair grows, asked me where I like my part and whether I ever wear it up. As she cut, she explained everything she was doing, and informed me that I would be way more likely to leave her chair with too little cut, than to ever have her take off too much! (This was true, as I did ask her to take a bit more off the bangs, and she did, but only after making sure I was positive!) She said Aveda uses something I think she called "pointing" in which they use the tips of the scissors, although I'm not positive about the terminology. Afterward, she gave me a toe-curling scalp massage with oils, and we talked about hair properties, texture, porosity, etc. and she confirmed some things I was thinking regarding the changes in my hair since having the last of the damage cut away last fall. She had me use my own products in the way I prefer, and then she diffused my hair for me. I wasn't crazy about how she diffused and ended up rewetting, but she wasn't the least bit offended and said that she prefers to leave her hair to dry naturally when she has hers cut. It always takes my hair at least a week to get over the "shock" of a haircut, so I wasn't positive at first. But now that it's settled out, I can say that I am *thrilled*. I'm happier with my hair than I've ever been since going CG in February of 2009, and will definitely go back to Angela despite the 50 minute drive and the cost ($55)!

Reviewed on: 14.03.10