360 W. Schick Rd
Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States

Stylist: Christina (owner)

I found a little gem in Bloomingdale! I was referred by a friend at work and trusted her since she has very short curly hair. I needed to get a cut to fix a very bad cut a got a few days prior. I was going to a salon for two years and the stylist just decided to cut 5 inches off my length and give me the worst blunt cut ever!!!! After I have just been getting trims for years, I love or should I say loved my long hair. I was quite traumatized and figured what is the worst that can happen. I went to this salon so she can fix it and give me layers there was no way I was going to give my former sytlist any more of my business. I was so pleased and she really listened and did exactly what I asked! I was so happy that actually went back two weeks later to be even more daring and get even more layers. This salon is very understated but believe me it is worth a shot, she knows curly hair very well! The prices are extremely reasonable since you are not paying for a trendy salon. If you live in the area, give it a shot.

Reviewed on: 14.09.08