25 West 19th Street – Ground Floor
New York, NY 10011, United States

Stylist: Paula

I went to Bloom Beauty after reading several reviews online and also read good things about Paula (the curly hair expert). I was very apprehensive and was not sure what to expect. Paula spent a good amount of time listening to what I wanted and paying attention to the natural texture of my hair. She gave me a lot of good advice on how to do my hair naturally and was not very pushy with products. She also suggested me to look into liscio hair treatment, which I will be researching more. I spent more than an hour in there...the shampoo/massage was great! The only thing that shocked me a bit was the price tag...my hair cut cost me $200...which was way more than I had ever paid on my hair cut in my life (my hair length is slightly above the bra strap). I would have gladly said that it was worth the price if it was $100....but for $200...I am not so sure! However Paula is great. I definitely recommend her.

Reviewed on: 22.01.11

Stylist: Paula

Over the years, I've tried quite a few "curly hair" specialists/salons. I've had 3 haircuts with Paula now and I've been very happy with each. Paula takes the time to listen to what I want and how each haircut works out. She recommended (without pushing) great products that really work for me and my life. I highly recommend her.

Reviewed on: 10.01.11

Stylist: Paula

ive never really cared much about my hair, partly because im british and am far more concerned about steeping a good cup of tea and partly because ive always felt that my hair was far beyond any control i might have. however, after a constant barrage of criticism from my nearest and dearest about how i was really far from presentable in public, i was referred to bloom beauty by another client, who raved about their magical curly hair skills. i was expecting a little clip here or there, and a big blob of product, like at most other places ive been too, but am amazed to have found that Paula really does have magical scissors. the haircut was excellent, and has been met with rave reviews - and not just from my mum. Paula was able to transform my head into an splendid obedience which if i might say so myself looks brilliant. the whole experience at bloom was exceptional, extremely welcoming, calming and friendly. i will definitely be returning whenever im next in new york, and would very highly recommend Paula. she has magical hands.

Reviewed on: 07.12.10

Stylist: Paula

After doing a lot of research, I decided to get my haircut with Paula. I was not disappointed. Not only did she give me a fantastic haircut which looked great when I left the salon, but it was also easy to style on my own. She also spent a lot of time with me, answered my questions, and did not make me feel rushed at all. I will definitely go back and have Paula cut my hair again - I highly recommend her!

Reviewed on: 28.10.10

Stylist: Paula

Paula has been cutting my hair for years. She has taken me from ponytail to luscious wavey layers and has taught me how to maintain my look. As a person who does not like to fuss too much at all about my hair, I have been blessed to have Paula take such good care of me. She has educated me about products that bring out my natural curls. I always get complimented on my hair. Love the atmosphere of this salon, the staff is very friendly . I always enjoy the shampoo and realaxing head massage by either Nadia or Rena.

Reviewed on: 06.08.10

Stylist: Paula (cut), Kristen (color)

Was an Insitu client for years and am happily walking a few more blocks to the expanded salon- now Bloom Beauty Lounge. I have been to Christo and Devachan and never has my hair been happier than in the hands of Paula. I get compliments all the time- whether my hair is straight or curly- it's just a great cut. Paula takes her time-- she stays with you the full hour-- never handing you off to someone else like some salons in NYC. Recently started to get single processing to cover some grey. At first, they did a demi or a semi... whatever it was didn't last and I thought my only option was to go permanent for those stubborn greys. Until one day, Kristen called me to say that she had found another product for me that wasn't permanent and it was the perfect solution. That's them-- my friends at Bloom-- love 'em and you will too!

Reviewed on: 29.07.10

Stylist: Paula

I have been going to Paula to cut and style my hair for a little over 10 years. I had moved from the city to long island and never found anyone who could compare to her. So I still make the trip in to see her because she is excellent. During the summer I wear my hair curly and Paula is the only one who can make it look great with out the friz. Her staff are friendly and welcoming. A++++ Rating. Karen Mandel

Reviewed on: 14.07.10

Stylist: Paula

Paula knows how to make my curls rock! She is always up on the latest techniques, cuts and products. I feel like a movie start everytime I leave the Salon. The best part is that Paula always shows you how to maintain the look.

Reviewed on: 13.07.10

Stylist: Paula

Paula has taken me from long and curly to pixie short and sexy and back again. Every cut along the way has has worked with my hair's textures and tendencies and my lifestyle. When I decided to straighten, she devised a cut that would work, and when I decided to go curly again, she trimmed it up and recommended perfect products that had me back in beautiful curls in a matter of days. The true testament to Paula's talent is the number of people who stop me at work or on the street to ask me where I get my hair cut. Women routinely remark on how great my haircuts are - whether my hair was 1 inch long or around my shoulders. Paula takes the time to get to know her clients, not only their hair, but their lifestyles and personalities. Her cuts are are wonderful reflection of her artistic talent and her genuine love of people.

Reviewed on: 07.07.10

Stylist: Paula

Bloom Beauty Lounge is the new incarnation of Insitu Salon, formerly located on Irving Place. Paula, the co-owner, has created a lovely open space and plans to add a downstairs spa, complete with massage, facials, laser hair removal and other goodies. Paula is a terrific curly-hair stylist and I've referred many people to her, including strangers who stop me on the street. Even my colorist (who is at another salon) asked for Paula's contact info. Bottom line: my curly hair has never been happier.

Reviewed on: 09.04.10