1906 Encinal Avenue
Alameda, CA 94501, United States
(510) 769-9909
tonya stevens

Stylist: Tami Quan

Tami Quan is an amazing stylist and colorist with a cutting-edge technique for taming my crazy, curly hair.  She has her own artistic and personal touch to provide each client with a unique hair style.  She has great suggestions on how to deal with curly hair in foggy areas, too. I've been very lucky (last 13 years) to have Tami care for my curly hair. 

Tami and the team at Twist Salon care about the health of my hair and are helping me grow my naturally curly hair. She uses a rich, dark brown organic hair color treatment to cover my grey. Organic hair color treatment helps me keep my hair healthy / hydrated and it's ammonia free, too. 

All hair types can benefit from her 18 years of knowledge! If you have curly hair, she's the one you want! 

Reviewed on: 21.04.15

Stylist: Erin Boyle

Thank you Erin! I was pretty jittery because I have never had great experiences getting my curly hair cut or trimmed. But I was excited because of all of the wonderful reviews on Yelp for Twist, and everyone is right! The salon feels open and relaxing. I wanted help with layers / giving shape to my hair, and I wanted bangs. I wanted all of these things, and to keep my length on top of that. Erin listened, gave great advice, and was open to my comments throughout the process. She was so kind and a joy to work with. I'm thrilled with my haircut, so glad I came here!

Reviewed on: 14.04.15

Stylist: Marcy

It's been very hard for me to find a stylist that cuts curly hair. I was given an appointment with Marcy. I was very happy to see that Marcy also had naturally curly hair so she knew first hand my struggles with curly hair. She carefully looked over my hair and made her recommendations for the perfect shape for my head. She was able to fix the uneven hair in the back of my head from a previous haircut I had at another salon. My whole experience was wonderful and I will definitely go back to Marcy for my regular trims. I even received a phone call from them the next day to make sure my experience was a pleasant one. That is great customer service!

Reviewed on: 23.05.10